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Off-roading isn't always about seeking adventure. Sometimes, it's about something as simple as tilling up the land. Whether you're clearing out some space for a new garden or an entire new addition to your home on the back of your Warn ATV, you need a good, strong plow on your side. To get the most out of your plow, you'll need a Warn power pivot. This universally-fit part adds a huge amount of extra force to your plow, making it possible to tackle even the roughest, most stubborn ground in less time than ever before.

More Powerful Plowing
The main feature of this exceptional Warn product is that it makes plowing of any sort much faster and easier. The machine is able to rotate the blades of your plow up to 25 degrees in any direction, allowing you to have a better reach and better control over your plow while you're on the go. Furthermore, the pivot's motor has a four stage planetary gear train, allowing it to work optimally even while you're on the move. The electric motor drives the other Warn power pivot parts and makes your plowing job almost effortless.

Easy Installation
The Warn power pivot install process is designed to be easy for plowing individuals of all experience levels. The included wiring is color coded, so matching up the cables is a fast process that doesn't take up valuable plowing time, and the motor itself is universally sized for any Warn ATV plow, regardless of the manufacturing year.

A Better Price Tag
The best part is, you'll never need to worry about breaking the bank while looking for a new Warn power pivot for sale because we have your back at 4WheelParts.com. We place a price guarantee on each piece of hardware we sell – including the Warn power pivot – to ensure you're getting the best price out there, no matter what. If you find a better bargain within 90 days of your purchase, we'll refund you for the difference in no time.

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Warn ProPivot - 88700
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