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Preparing for Winter with the Right Truck & Jeep Accessories

The clouds are getting a little greyer, the air's getting a little crisper and the Christmas decorations are starting to sneak onto the store shelves. All signs point to a winter that will be upon us before we know it. Without truck & Jeep accessories that are designed to combat hazardous winter weather, your ride is just not going to be as smooth or as safe. From tires to floor mats to Jeep tops, we're showcasing all of the winter accessories that are going to make a huge difference. You can also read part two of this series here: Preparing for Winter with the Right Truck & Jeep Accessories – Part 2

Winter Truck & Jeep Accesories:

Winter Traction

  • Pro Comp Mud Terrain Radial Tires

    Whether it's rain or snow that you're dealing with this winter, both types of weather make roads slicker and demand Jeep & truck tires with better traction. Pro Comp Mud Terrain Radials offer some of the best traction you can find in an off-road tire thanks to their hard-hitting grip spur. This also provides a better self-cleaning feature so that mud and snow don't gunk up the tread and decrease traction. All of these truck & Jeep tires have a High Void Three Lug Shoulder Design that is pre-drilled to allow studs that will enhance driving on terrain with snow and ice.

  • BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A®KO Tires

    If a Jeep or truck tire has been providing reliable performance for 30 years, that's definitely a tire you can count on. Such is the case with these BFGoodrich tires, which represent what a true on- and off-road tire should be. With these truck & Jeep tires, you're going to get a great set of distinctive features including single-strand bead construction, high-strength design, and stress distribution increased by up to 12% in tread life. Enhanced durability and strength can be attributed to 2 full-width steel belts and a 3-ply polyester carcass. Plus, you'll decrease your chance of skidding out because of more precise steering and better handling from the stiffer tread.

  • Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Tires

    Just because the snow and rain is coming down doesn't mean the work stops. Farming, construction, mining, and many other things still need to get done, but it's going to take higher level truck tires to do it. That's where DuraTrac tires come in. Not only will they enable many people to do their jobs, but they're also ideal for any camping, hunting, or other off-road excursions. It's Goodyear's innovative TractiveGroove technology, with the help of self-cleaning shoulder blocks, that provides improved traction in both snow and mud. If you're out shopping for tires and aren't sure which ones are going to be best for winter, look for the "Mountain Snowflake" symbol that is on these DuraTrac and other truck & jeep tires that are designed for winter weather.

Winter Weather Protection

  • Bestop Hard Jeep Tops

    Bestop Hard Jeep Tops


    One-Piece and Two-Piece

    Do you really want snow to get inside your Jeep and melt into the carpets and seats? Not to mention, you need protection for yourself for when you're driving around in freezing temperatures. Jeep tops become essential pieces of equipment once the winter weather hits. With a hard top, you're going to get the ultimate protection you need. If you go for the 1-piece hardtop, you'll get a timeless look that will never go out of style. However, if you want a bit more flexibility, the 2-piece hardtops allow you to remove the front cockpit cover and store it in an optional roof rack that installs on the back half of the top. With both types of Jeep tops you'll get a great set of features including a dome light, a washable headliner, overhead mesh or molded pockets, a rear window defroster, and UV-resistance. It'll keep your Jeep looking sharp the whole winter through.

  • WeatherTech Extreme-Duty FloorLiners

    Tromping around in the mud and snow can be a lot of fun, but leave it outside the car. Tracking that mud and snow into the vehicle will leave your carpets wet and disgusting. Not anymore thanks to WeatherTech FloorLiners. They are committed to providing you the most floor protection possible by digitally scanning each make and model of vehicle for a perfect fit every time. As if that weren't enough to make the liners stay put, each one is made out of a high-density tri-extruded material to provide extra surface friction and minimize slippage. Any water or debris that enters the vehicle is channeled to a lower reservoir to provide the least amount of movement. Plus, they're available in gray, black, and tan to match any interior for more than 400 applications.

  • Smittybilt OE Replacement Jeep Tops


    Black, Black Diamond, Grey, & Denim

    While factory Jeep tops may have been just fine for summer and fall, winter is a different story. Upgrading to a Smittybilt replacement top will provide all kinds of extra benefits. For one, the fabric is marine-grade and vinyl coated to minimize stretching and fading. And Smittybilt is the only soft top manufacturer to use a high-quality thread on all the stitch holes and seams, which are then heat sealed to keep moisture out. Other improvements include self-correcting zippers, two front replacement upper door skins, and zip-out side windows and rear window. Best of all, it slides right over the OE frame so you won't have to install new hardware.

  • Husky Liners® Custom Molded Mud Guards

    Mud is a serious problem once you enter the rainy season, especially if you have tires that get easily gunked up and lessen the traction. These mud guards do an excellent job of protecting the exterior doors and quarter panels of your vehicle, forming to fit the fenders of your particular ride. They prevent damage to the vehicle, keep running boards clean, cover the full tire tread, and minimize airborne road debris. Husky Mud Guards are made with a durable, impact resistant thermoplastic material so that it can take the hits that your vehicle can't. In fact, they will hold up against severe weather for the entire life of the vehicle and they'll look great doing it thanks to the sleek, contoured design and black textured finish. All of the fasteners and instructions are included in the kit for a simple, fast installation. Get them for almost any truck, sport utility vehicle, or cross-over.

  • Bushwacker Fender Flare Protection


    1997-2006 Wrangler TJs, 2004-2006 Wrangler LJ Unlimiteds, 2007 and up Wrangler JKs

    Add 6 inches of tire coverage to your Jeep with Bushwacker Flat Style Fender Flares, including LED side marker lights to keep things legal. Or, if you have a 2007 or newer JK Wrangler, add 2 inches of tire coverage with the Pocket Style® Fender Flares, featuring stainless steel hardware that provides a bolt-on appearance. No drilling or cutting is necessary since you can use the factory fender holes. No matter which one you use, you'll receive the same great quality and a matte black finish that is incredibly versatile, allowing for painting and UV protection. Won't crack, warp, or chalk. Comes with a free Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

Winter Winching

  • Mile Marker PEC8 Recovery Winch

    More rain, mud, and snow means more opportunities to get stuck off-road. Don't get sucked in – get the Mile Marker PEC8 recovery winch, a popular choice in the midsize SUV and Jeep crowds. It's an electric 8,000 lb. winch with all metal construction, 212:1 gearing, and a 4 horsepower motor to give you all the power you need. Additional features include an adjustable clutch side and FRP sheathed power cables. You'll be hard-pressed to find a winch of this capacity at this price.

  • WARN PowerPlant Dual Force HP

    When you get stuck off-road in sub-zero temperatures, it can get real scary real fast. If this is something that is a possibility for you, make sure you have the ultimate weapon on your side: the WARN PowerPlant Dual Force HP. Not only do you get a 9,500 lb. capacity winch, but you also get an air compressor. So with one tool, you can winch your vehicle, fill your tires, and power air tools. Air up four 35" tires in less than 8 minutes thanks to a 1/3 gallon air tank. Flows are 12CFM at 0PSI and 5CFM at 90PSI. When it comes to the winch side, you're getting a 3-stage planetary geartrain that provides reliably fast line speeds, a patented brake that will stop on a dime, and 125 feet of 5/16" wire rope. Best of all is the full sealing that keeps the elements from affecting the winch, no matter how severe. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Fab Fours Winch Bumpers


    GM & Ford Heavy Dutys

    Installing a bumper that is designed specifically for winches will make things that much easier when you're off-road in snow and ice and need to use it. And this isn't just any winch bumper; it can hold even the largest electric winch on the market. You'll get the best of the factory bumper as it stays close to that envelope, but you'll get much more tire clearance. Some additional features include 60mm turn signals, 90mm HELLA fog lights, D-ring mounts, built-in air ducts, and a 2 stage black powder coat finish. Winch mount comes included in the package.

Winter Vision

  • Pro Comp Motorsport Driving Lights

    Haze, fog, rain, sleet, snow…these are all things that happen in the winter that make it more difficult to see when you're driving, especially at night. Increasing your high beam output by 40% with Pro Comp Motorsport 7" driving lights will make it much safer to drive at night. Mount these almost anywhere on your vehicle for a safer overall off-road expedition. Harsh weather will bounce right off the high impact glass lenses and ABS plastic cases. But if you want a true test of their durability, these are the same lights that are sent to our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan through Operation Light Sabre. Wiring harnesses are sold separately.

  • PIAA Forza Hybrid Wipers

    IPF 900XS Lights


    Spot Beam, Driving Beam, or Combination

    Flooding is something that can be detrimental to your vehicle, but you can minimize damage by thinking ahead and preparing for the worst. For example, IPF 900XS lights can actually be fully submersed in water for short periods of time. The secret is the porous membrane breather and sealing on the bulb and loom connectors. The H9 bulb is perfect for as a high beam or driving light, providing a luminance value higher than any other in its class. In fact, it's only 65 watts but outperforms bulbs twice that. Further lighting performance comes from the hardened glass lens and the advanced heat proof resin reflector. You can fit them onto most ARB bull bars thanks to their multi directional mounting base made from heavy gauge steel. Each kit comes with a pair of lights, wiring loom, a relay and switch and can come with grill covers. To order, call 1-800-257-5629.

  • PIAA Forza Hybrid Wipers

    PIAA Forza Hybrid Wipers

    Don't underestimate the power of good windshield wipers; they essentially give you the ability to see when you're driving in rain or snow. Wiper blades that streak or smudge will lower visibility and increase the likelihood of an accident. So get the industry's first wipers to feature a side-spring frame. This unique design ensures optimal contact pressure the entire length of the blade, so it clears much more of the windshield than standard wipers. And it's incredibly smooth and silent, so you don't get any of that annoying chatter along the windshield. The wiper itself will last much longer thanks to a powder-coat finish on zinc plating, which prevents rusting. To order, call 1-800-257-5629.

Winter Lubricants & Additives

  • RBP Diesel Fuel Additive

    When cold weather hits, you want your vehicle to be running as efficiently as possible. Make sure of it with RBP Diesel Fuel Additive, which actually pays for itself in two ways. 1 – It increases the life of the injectors by keeping them lubricated. 2 – Properly lubricated injectors operate more efficiently, which results in better fuel mileage. Additional benefits include added lubricity, de-carbonization of combustion chambers (which increases engine life), dispersal of water, increased cetane, lubricated cylinder walls, prevention of algae and harmful acid, and waxing and gelling control. No alcohol is used in this additive and it will last forever – one 16oz. bottle treats 500 gallons of diesel fuel. Plus, it comes in an exclusive bottle that allows you to squeeze the bottle and fill a 1oz. reservoir on the top of the bottle with additive, which can then be poured into the fuel tank every time you hit the pump.

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