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Preparing for Winter with the Right Truck & Jeep Accessories

In the first part of this series, we brought you some of the top truck & Jeep parts to prepare you for harsher winter weather. Now we're bringing you even more great products to keep you and your vehicle powering through the winter blues.

Winter Truck & Jeep Accesories:

Winter Covers

  • Keeping a jack around for emergencies is only useful if the jack is functioning properly. To keep it in working order throughout the winter, keep it in a neoprene jack cover. This will protect it from mud and dirt, and help keep it lubricated. If you don't use a cover, the main lifting mechanism can become caked in frozen dirt and mud that will deteriorate the jack, likely causing it to malfunction the next time you need it. By simply encasing these Jeep and truck parts with the Hi-Lift Neoprene Jack cover, you'll avoid it all. Plus, the cover dries quickly and is machine washable.

  • Jeep tops are great for protecting the cab of your Jeep, but what about the exterior? There are so many natural elements that run rampant in the winter and can cause major deterioration including dirt, moisture, UV rays, and more. Smittybilt Full Climate Jeep Covers protect the entire Jeep from these harmful facets of nature and still allow the paint to breathe. The secret is the distinctive diamond bond material pattern of the cover, allowing any moisture and air to escape while keeping out destructive ultraviolet rays and heat buildup. The whole Jeep stays protected thanks to double-stitched elastic hems that ensure a custom fit every time. Each cover comes with heavy-duty grommets, a lock, bag, and cable.

  • Don't let wet winter weather stop you from using your truck bed. The Pace Edwards JackRabbit tonneau cover is weather-resistant with strong aluminum panels to keep it in place, so no water will ruin your cargo. Whenever you want access to your cargo, the continuous tension spring allows it open automatically and then you just use the pull strap to swiftly close it. Cargo remains secure since the tonneau cover locks with the tailgate. Or, if you need to have it partially open for larger cargo, there's a detent system to secure it every 12 inches. With a simple, no drill installation, the Pace Edwards JackRabbit tonneau cover offers all the easy protection you need.

  • Applications: CJ-7, Wrangler, and '07-'08 Wrangler Unlimited, plus older models (1955 and newer) without doors

    If you're looking for a Jeep soft top to combat the winter, the Bestop Supertop has you covered. One of the great benefits of the Supertop is that Bestop offers 3 interchangeable doors that work with the Jeep top, allowing you to choose based on your personal preference. You can even choose to get it without doors if you have an older model Jeep and it will fit Upper Door Sliders. The Supertop is made out of the same quality fabric as factory Jeep soft tops in an array of colors to match your Jeep. Installation is easy and quick thanks to a snapless, Belt-Rail attachment system and a DVD that takes you through the installation. Customize it with zip-out replaceable windows and a fully adjustable bow system.

  • You won't believe the amount of features you get with Smittybilt replacement Jeep tops. First of all, its aerodynamic shape, military spec carpet liner, and de-tuned air vent make it one of the quietest Jeep tops on the market. The durable material is made of hand-laid honeycomb fiberglass and the covered with one of the thickest UV gel coats you can get to minimize fading and stretching. It takes no drilling and minimum time to install thanks to OE style latches and rear mounting hardware. These Jeep parts are made to match the aesthetics of contemporary wranglers with a textured grain finish. Customize it to your liking by choosing one- or two-piece versions and optional upper doors to keep out the cold.

Winter Interior Protection

  • Applications: Most cars, cross-overs, SUVs, and trucks

    The waves of your vehicle's carpet can be difficult to protect 100%, but Husky Liners floor liners are made to fit every little ripple. No matter how bad the weather, anything that gets tracked in will stay out of the carpet thanks to their smooth arcing ribs, raised heel pad, and anti-slip Nibs that keep them in place without the need for extra fasteners. Once you're ready to clean them just take them out, hose them down, let them dry and stick them right back in. The patented rubberized material is even resistant to most harsh chemicals like gas, battery acid, and oil. Plus, you're guaranteed against any cracking or breaking with a lifetime warranty.

  • While these quality Jeep and truck parts are of great use all year round, you'll find they come in extra handy once winter hits and they collect all the boundless water, snow, and mud. With 16 lbs of pliable rubber, WeatherTech mats won't let any of it escape. And when you're ready for a fresh start, just hose them off and you're ready for more. Get them in tan, gray, or black to match any interior.

Winter Tires

  • Radial F-C II Dick Cepek tires have one of the toughest treads designed for rough terrain and ice. And with such a large tread depth, these truck & Jeep tires will outlast most other brands. This is one of those tires that performs well on all terrains; you get a smooth ride on the streets, plus superior construction and uniformity to get the best mileage and maximum comfort off-road. The "stone kickers" in the tread are aptly named as they kick away any stray debris, making the lugs virtually self-cleaning. And when it comes to the icy roads of winter, you get enhanced traction from the siped tread lugs and Sidebiters, making this a tire that'll get you through the winter and stay with you through the rest of the year.

  • Icy roads are no match for Mickey Thompson ATZ radial tires. Thanks to extra wide footprints that provide superior traction and tread lug sipes for grip and stability, you won't slip and slide over the smooth icy surfaces. It's the heavy-duty four-rib tread design that makes the advanced construction, providing a more comfortable ride and better mileage. These truck tires are available for both traditional and specialty light trucks. If you opt for the light truck size, you'll get a complete 6-ply tread with 3-ply sidewalls for extra strength and bite.

  • The trick to driving on icy and snowy roads is to get as much grip as possible. The better the siping, the better the grip is. Super Swamper TrXus M/T tires bring more siping to the table than any other mud terrain tires on the market. Each tire has its own individual specifications. When you check them out, you'll see that all of the M/T Super Swampers are heavier than their equivalent sized OE tires.

  • If you're dealing with very severe weather conditions, Pro Comp All Terrain tires are rated to succeed. It's their distinctive tread pattern that earns them the Severe Weather Rating, giving the tire maximum grip in snow and ice. Best of all – it's still an all terrain tire, which means you can take it on the road just as easily as you can off-road. The all weather traction from deep siping and interlocking shoulder lugs provide that extra bite no matter what the terrain. If you're still hesitating, rest assured with Pro Comp's 50,000 mile tread wear warranty.

Winter Miscellaneous

  • Visibility greatly deteriorates in the winter. Make sure you can always see the path in front of you with PIAA lights, which are built to distribute the perfect amount of distance, width, and height. This All-Terrain Pattern technology uses White 12V-H3 85W halogen bulbs (which equates with standard 135W bulbs) to spread out light over a 40-degree oval configuration. The placement is fully adjustable thanks to a 90-degree mounting bolt. And with a heavy-duty glass lens, black stamped steel housing, and protective mesh covers, these lights will outlast any you've had before. These great Jeep & truck parts are available for purchase in both 1- and 2-lamp kits. The 2-lamp kit contains the lamps, relay, wiring harness, switch, and cover.

  • KC HiLites Tube Clamp Mount

    The KC HiLites clamp mount is ideal for securing a variety of items. Use it to add lights to a tube bumper or light bar, or mount a rearview mirror or whip antenna onto your UTV or sand rail. You can even use it to bind down your cargo. Basically, if you can think of something that needs to be secured, these Jeep & truck parts will take care of it. Made out of a heavy-duty nylon composite and featuring a ½" mounting hole, rely on it in any number of mounting scenarios no matter what the weather throws at you.

  • More snow and ice means less solid ground, which means it's that much easier for your truck or Jeep to get stuck. But you won't have to worry about getting stranded in freezing cold temperatures if you have a Mile Marker winch. The V-10 and V-12 models offer some of the most innovative features on the market including variable speed line control, solid-state controls without solenoids, and fast line speeds. Plus they have waterproof sealing, polyurethane coating, and stainless steel hardware so the snow and ice won't wreak havoc on this great piece of machinery.

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