Preparing for Winter with the Right Truck & Jeep Accessories (Part 3) |

Preparing for Winter with the Right Truck & Jeep Accessories

We've made it to the 3rd and final part in our winter truck and Jeep accessories guide. Once you've made it through the Jeep and truck parts in this article, you'll be set to tackle just about any winter terrain.

Winter Truck & Jeep Accesories:


Interior & Exterior

Smittybilt Replacement Hard Jeep Tops

If you want something that will keep the snow out of your Jeep, then hard Jeep tops are the way to go. Because Smittybilt uses only the best materials, you know you're getting a great product right from the get-go. To start, a thick UV gel is coated all over the Jeep top to protect it from any sun damage. Then they lay (by hand!) honeycomb fiberglass, which provides added firmness and strength. Then they move to the inside where they line the top with military spec, mildew-free carpet liner, which muffles outside noise for a much quieter ride. And we haven't even mentioned the de-tuned air vent, textured grain finish, and DOT-approved tinted safety glass. We're featuring the one-piece design, but a two-piece version is available as well. You can also get it with our without upper doors.

Bushwacker Fender Flares

Application: 2009 Dodge Ram

Fender flares are incredibly important truck parts for keeping the snow and sludge off the undercarriage of your rig and giving additional coverage to your tires. Plus, they add a sleek, unique look to your truck. With three different styles to choose from, you can pick the style that you like best:

  • OE Style Flares – If you just wanted the added benefits without a huge shift in style, these factory style flares are the best option for you. They have a smooth, curved design that will give you an additional 3/4" of tire coverage. And it's a simple install thanks to Tuf-Lok fasteners.
  • Pocket Style Flares – This is the opposite of the OE style, taking things to the extreme with 2 ½" of additional tire coverage. You'll also get decorative stainless steel hardware. If you've got an oversized, tricked out, hardcore off-road tire and wheel package, these flares will handle the job.
  • Extend-A-Fender Flares – If you're looking for something between the OE and pocket style flares, consider the Extend-a-Fender flares. You'll get tire coverage that's right in the middle – 1 3/4" – but still get that seamless design.

No matter which style you choose, you'll get a no-drill installation, UV protection, a paintable matte black finish, and a limited lifetime guarantee.

WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors

The rain and snow that inevitably comes with winter forces you to keep the windows closed and so that weather stays out. Unfortunately, the air that comes out of your vents just can't compete with fresh air from the window. Now, get the best of both worlds with WeatherTech side window deflectors. These truck and Jeep accessories install inside the window channel so you can keep your window open a crack while minimizing wind noise, maintaining a comfortable temperature, and keeping bad weather out. You can even use these in the summertime to control the temperature of your parked car by keeping the window open a crack and not worrying about people trying to get in. Plus, they have a sleek design made out of 3mm lightly-tinted acrylic material that snaps into place with no ugly tape to get in the way.

2009 RollBak G2 Tonneau Covers

The latest edition of the RollBak G2 tonneau cover has an even stronger roll top, which means it can handle a blizzard of snow without caving or leaking. At temperatures that cold, you may worry about it freezing shut but Bak thought of that too. The latch is actually hidden underneath the cover, so it stays protected from the weather along with all of your cargo. This is one truck part that will keep you going the whole winter through.

Truxedo Lo Pro QT Tonneau Covers

If left uncovered, your truck bed can become a cesspool of dirty snow and mud. If you have any hopes of using that cargo space this winter, you need to look at the different tonneau covers available to you. One of the best on the market is the Truxedo Lo Pro QT. What really sets this tonneau cover apart is its incredibly fast installation. Nothing has to be drilled because all of the rails simply clamp-on to the sides with easy-to-use clamps, followed by a spring-loaded header guide that attaches just as quickly. This makes taking it off just as easy for when you need to transport that oversized cargo. You won't have to worry about snow or rain getting inside thanks to a Velcro brand fastening system, which keeps the cover tightly attached all the way around the truck bed. This isn't just a verbal assurance; Truxedo guarantees their product with a lifetime warranty.

Bestop Replace-a-Top Jeep Tops

All of those winters are bound to take a toll on your Jeep top. If it's time to replace it but your hardware is still going strong, consider Bestop Replace-a-Tops. These Jeep tops will save you money because you won't have to purchase a new set of hardware in addition to the top. Plus, you're going to get some significant upgrades in quality from your factory Jeep top. The installation is incredibly easy thanks to a patented Belt Rail attachment system. Plus, the fabric is designed to stretch and get that perfect fit before returning to its original shape, keeping it tight. Potential leaking is halted by quality Velcro, webbing, thread, and weather seals on the doors. You can even open up your tailgate without having to open the rear window. Make sure only to get this as a replacement for a factory top, as it won't fit the hardware from other Jeep tops.

Winter Traction

Dick Cepek F-C II Tires

Many times, all terrain tires prove to be a great overall tire but just don't cut it in more extreme snow and ice conditions. Not so with these all terrain Dick Cepek tires. What sets the F-C II tires apart is their unique hybrid tread pattern, which is made to handle just about any terrain (even mud!). But what gives you the traction you need on slippery, slick surfaces? Well first of all, the "stone kickers" make the tires virtually self-cleaning so the lugs can really dig in and get that extra grip. Plus, they have an extra wide footprint for higher surface area and better traction. To complete the package, Sidebiters and siped tread lugs provide that little extra sidewall protection you need to keep from spinning out on that cold ice.

Power Slot Power Alloy Enhanced Brake Rotors

Get the extra stopping power you need in icy conditions with Power Slot Power Alloy Enhanced Brake Rotors. The 2nd generation of these Jeep & truck parts has amplified the molybdenum content to take on the most severe weather and handle added thermal stress without cracking. The black e-coating is both aesthetically appealing and useful, making the rotors resistant to corrosion. With rotors that don't have the e-coating, you would have to pay extra attention to the pad bedding. Not so with Power Slot brake rotors, which provide a pad/rotor interface that can be used right away. If you want even better braking performance, consider adding Power Slot directional cooling vanes.

Be Coolant High Performance Anti Freeze

Don't let your engine freeze up on you! Keep your cooling system and aluminum components protected from temperatures all the way down to 26 degrees below zero (F) with Be Coolant Anti Freeze. Not only will it last for 300,000 miles, but it can also self-seal hairline cracks in aluminum parts and it's made of earth-friendly biodegradable materials. It's perfect for severe weather and compatible with every other type of coolant and radiator. Get this coolant in fully recyclable one-gallon jugs or five-gallon pails. If all that wasn't enough to convince you, using Be Coolant will also double a Be Cool radiator's factory warranty.

Royal Purple Maxfilm

Harsh winter weather has a tendency to tighten up or corrode various Jeep and truck parts, making them slower and less efficient. Keep them running smoothly with Royal Purple Maxfilm. All you have to do is add this synthetic lubricant and it penetrates instantly, loosening up those tenacious parts. Once it evaporates, it will leave behind a lubricating film that will protect your truck parts from corrosion, rust, and general wear and tear for a long time. Some of the top applications for Maxfilm include locks, nuts, bolts and hinges. Plus, if you have any parts that are in storage, you can give them a coating of Maxfilm so they don't rust. It can even make hand drilling and metal cutting an easier task if you use it as a manual cutting fluid. As if all this weren't enough, Maxfilm is almost completely biodegradable, making it environmentally-friendly.

KC HiLites SlimLites

As you head into winter and the nights get longer and longer, it's that much more important to have a great set of driving lights. KC HiLites SlimLites are a fantastic option. What sets them apart from all the other Jeep and truck lights? Thanks to a sleek flat profile, these 6" round lights can fit where most other lights can't. But don't underestimate the power of these smaller lights; the combination of a halogen bulb, precision polished reflectors, and optical quality glass lens creates a very bright, focused beam. With 55, 100, and 130 watt options, you can choose just how strong you want that light to be. Get them in black, titanium, or chrome to match your desired look and they're available as both a single unit or in a pair pack. The KC Preterminated Wiring Harness makes installation a snap.

Hi-Lift Jacks

Severe weather conditions increase the likelihood of flat tires and stuck vehicles. That's why you need to have a jack that you can rely on no matter what the weather is like. Enter the Hi-Lift jack. These Jeep and truck parts use the highest quality materials and labor to create each and every jack, which is then tested twice before they are shipped to stores. An original 2-piece handle-socket design ensures that you can rely on the jack for many years to come. Plus, Hi-Lift offers an incredible assortment of accessories that can transform the jack, even allowing you to winch with it in an emergency situation. Don't expect the jack to corrode from exposure to rain and snow; all the hardware is zinc-coated to resist rusting. And if you still have questions about the Hi-Lift jack after you've read all the safety manuals and warning labels, you can get toll free support and a free educational DVD.

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