Four Truck Accessories to Complete Your Rig

Any truck turns heads if you take the steps necessary to complete your rig. Although there are numerous factory replacement and aftermarket parts that you can install for all types of applications, there are four basic categories of truck accessories that you should look at when upgrading your truck to make it the most it can possibly be. The upgrades can be made one component at a time, or simultaneously, depending on your budget and your needs. Also, the general guidelines for any upgrade should be tailored to your specific application.

Wheels and tires

Wheels and tires are where the rubber meets the road for your truck. For truck accessories, there are two types of wheels: steel and alloy. The type you choose depends on what you want your truck to do. Serious off-roading or freight hauling requires a sturdy, tough steel rim. Certain towing applications, or speed-tuning activities, will benefit from lightweight, cool-running alloy wheels. Alloy wheels are also available in a wider variety of designs, while steel wheels are more basic.

Engine and drivetrain

There are certain things you can do with an engine and drivetrain that will increase performance, but the improvements you make have to be tailored to the activities you want to perform with your truck. Intense off-roading does not require top-end horsepower. It instead needs low-end torque, as does towing applications. Speed-tuning requires more horsepower to deliver performance throughout the engine’s RPM band. The installation of truck accessories, such as a cold-air intake system, a pre-loaded tuner chip or program file, or a stouter ring-and-pinion gear set, can increase overall performance in various ways.

Body accessories

To make your ride an attention-grabber, certain truck accessories focus on making the exterior shine. For example, a custom grille insert can change the entire complexion of your truck’s front profile. The insert provides a modified, finished look over a truck’s factory grille. A tonneau cover can give the bed of your truck a sleek, finished look while also helping to improve the truck’s overall fuel economy, especially during highway driving.

Towing and off-road gear

Certain accessories can make your truck function better for high-impact activities, such as going off-road or towing a trailer. To safely tow any type of trailer rig, you need a proper tow hitch, a receiver, and an electrical wiring harness to operate the trailer’s turn signals and brake lights. Off-roading gear includes the installation of a lift kit, skid plates, or body armor to protect the vehicle from the scrapes and debris that you’ll encounter out on the trail.