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Suspension Tips for Total Truck Transformation

Suspension Tips for Total Truck Transformation

F150 Leveling Kit & Suspension Tips for Total Truck Transformation When upgrading your truck, it’s important to consider several factors, to ensure that you maximize performance and looks while minimizing your expense. Certain upgrades focus solely on making your truck look better, while others successfully blend form and function for maximum cost effectiveness. When you update your truck’s suspension, several components must come together to make the modification a complete success. Using an F150 leveling kit will help you dial-in the rolling geometry for your Ford F150 truck. Other suspension components will improve performance for towing, driving, and off-roading applications.

Leveling kit

An F150 leveling kit can help you set the ride profile of your F150 to an even stance, optimizing balance and center of gravity. When installed, the kit can raise or lower either the front or rear of your vehicle, leveling it completely. The key to selecting the proper kit for your vehicle is to determine the suspension profile. If your rig has a rake to it, where the front end is lower than the rear, your leveling kit must address the front suspension system. Likewise, if the rear end is lower than the front end, your leveling kit will need to raise the rear suspension system to be even with the front end.

Lift kit

In addition to an F150 leveling kit, a lift kit will improve the ride profile of your rig, and allow you to clear rougher terrain with a set of larger wheels and tires. You can install lift kits that provide various heights, from mild 1-inch lifts to more radical 4-, 5-, or 6-inch lifts. The standard lift kit includes all of the components you need to complete the installation, such as struts, spindles, shocks, and springs. Some kits also include the hardware necessary for installation, but if not, you can purchase an installation kit that will include the hardware.

Shocks and springs

If you don’t need a complete lift kit or an F150 leveling kit, you can simply upgrade the shocks and springs of your truck. This can provide some additional clearance for off-roading, as well as improved suspension performance on a variety of terrains. New springs can provide the proper amount of stiffness for daily highway driving, while also providing enough play for a comfortable ride on bumpy surfaces. Upgraded shocks will provide enough articulation for a smooth, stable ride over the roughest roads and trails.