Mounted Lighting Buyers Guide: Mounted Lighting Reviews & Buyers Guide |

Mounted Lighting Buyers Guide: Mounted Lighting Reviews & Buyers Guide

Your new off-road lights will only be as good as the structure they are mounted on. A poorly or loosely attached light is either going to end up pointing at the ground or bouncing all over, which does you absolutely no good. 4 Wheel Parts carries an extensive line of mounting options that keep your lights securely pointed in the direction you choose, giving you the maximum possible benefit.

Pro Comp Light Bars

Pro Comp is one of the most recognized names in off-road performance and Pro Comp light bars carry the same high quality you've come to expect from this brand. Choose from Pro Comp Motorsport or Pro Runner lines to find a light bar that suits your needs.

Smittybilt Light Mounting Options

Smittybilt offers a wide range of light mounting options. From brackets to two unique styles of light bars, Smittybilt has the products to get you out there blazing the trails.

KC HiLiTES Light Bars

KC's front end light bars are a great and simple way to mount additional lighting to your Jeep, truck, or SUV. Installation is simple, bolting up to existing factory holes, so there is no need for drilling, cutting or trimming. They come standard in a fantastic-looking, textured black, powdercoated finish. Available for many late model vehicles.

N-FAB Light Bars

Add some functionality and style to your rig with N-FAB's impressive selection of light bars. Front and rear N-FAB has you covered from all angles with quality products that keep your lights pointed in the right direction, illuminating the dangerous obstacles ahead.

CARR Light Bars

CARR Light Bars provide a sturdy, secure mounting system for your truck, Jeep, or SUV. Standard Deluxe and Deluxe Rota Light Bars mount to the roof gutter, while the Jeep Deluxe and Jeep Deluxe Rota Bars mount securely to the windshield A-pillar.

Warrior Products Light Bars

Warrior Products is known for making high-quality off-road accessories and these light bars are no different. These stout units will stand up to your abuse and still perform when needed. Warrior light bars are available in both Safari and Pre Runner styles.