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Nitto Tires

Ready to take an early step to get your rig ready for the trail? Nitto Tires may be a brand to consider first. Once you start venturing off the road, you'll quickly realize the inadequacy of your factory tires. But maybe you're not ready to trade out street manners for off-road performance. Here's where Nitto can help. The company produces several truck tires that deliver a good balance of on-road and off-road performance.

Nitto, a U.S.-based subsidiary of Toyo Tires, is probably best known in the off-road community for its Grappler line-up. Specific models include the Terra Grappler, Mud Grappler, Dune Grappler, Dura Grappler, and Trail Grappler. These and other Nitto tires outperform competing brands with innovative engineering and high-quality materials.

Track-tested designs

Nitto is active in motorsports, using competition events to test designs under the most rigorous conditions. One example is the company's long-running association with the Formula DRIFT Pro Championship circuit, which features the Nitto NT05 tire. This Nitto tire in particular represents the company's dominance in engineering for extreme handling performance. Nitto engineers make a practice of using computer simulation modeling plus track testing to develop new solutions for enthusiasts.

Nitto off road tires

Nitto truck tire options for off-road enthusiasts include the following:

Terra Grappler. Add Terra Grapplers to your light truck or SUV and expect superior traction performance on the highway and on the trail. These Nitto truck tires are rated for mud and snow, and deliver impressive all-season performance in a variety of climates. Features include deep sipes and lateral voids that shed water.

Mud Grappler. Mud Grapplers are more specifically engineered for unstable and uneven terrains. Durability is a primary characteristic of the Mud Grappler. The huge side lugs and three-ply sidewalls prevent punctures, while computerized engineering ensures balance and uniformity.

Dune Grappler. Dune Grapplers are made for desert trail and highway driving. These Nitto truck tires feature a flamed tread block that ensures balanced traction on uneven terrain, plus a strong sidewall construction that prevents puncture damage. Even so, this tire still provides a quiet and comfortable ride on the road.

Dura Grappler. Highway drivers want long-wearing tread and a stable, comfortable ride. Dura Grapplers provide both. Dura-Belt 3Steel Belted Technology reinforces the tread so that it lasts longer and wears more evenly. These Nitto truck tires are available with two different sidewall designs, giving you the luxury of choice. You can get Dura Grapplers in the ‘E' load range and in heavy-duty LT sizes.

Trail Grappler. Think of the Trail Grappler as the tire that combines the best of the Mud Grappler and the Terra Grappler. It's ultra quiet on the street, but still has the durability and traction performance you need on the trail. Features include puncture-resistant sidewalls, biting tread blocks, and dual steel belts.

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