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Lund Tonneau Covers and Tonneau Cover Accessories

Lund International produces accessory products that enhance the looks and functionality of your truck. The complete Lund line includes hood shields, floor boards, running boards, as well as tonneau covers and other accessories. Lund tonneau covers are of made of heavy-duty vinyl, so they're generally easier to install and use than hard, fiberglass covers. They also effectively protect your cargo from water, dust, and debris.

Lund tonneau covers are available in the most popular soft tonneau styles : roll-up, snap-on, seal-and-peel, trifold, and hinged. All of them are designed for easy installation by one person, without drills, in less than a half-hour. As well, Lund warranties are extensive, with several models carrying limited lifetime warranties on both the frame and the cover.

Snap-style tonneau covers

Lund Genesis Snap Tonneau Cover is a simple and economical choice for protecting your cargo and truck bed. This is a premium, low-profile, vinyl cover that attaches to your truck with a clamp system. All clamps and rails are padded to protect your truck. The bows and rails are powder coated and extra thick, which keeps water and snow from building up. The top, constructed of a thick vinyl that will last for years, is available in black or carbon-fiber look. These Lund tonneau covers are backed by a five-year warranty on the vinyl and lifetime warranty on the frame.

Seal-and-peel tonneau covers

If you need frequent access to your truck bed, a snap-less tonneau is the better choice. The advantage of a Lund Genesis Seal & Peel Tonneau cover is speed. Once the frame is installed, these Lund tonneau covers open and close quickly — somewhat faster than snap-style tonneaus. A tight fit and integrated rear tailgate seal on these Lund tonneau covers will keep water out of the bed.

Roll-up tonneau covers

The Lund Genesis Roll Up Tonneau will be your pick if you frequently use the truck bed for hauling, and you don't have a place to store the cover. You get full access to the bed, and your cover remains on the truck, tightly rolled against the cab. The double-sided, black matte fabric looks great even when the cover is rolled up. When closed, the cover attaches to the side rails securely, using heavy-duty, hook-and-loop fasteners. Water is kept out of the bed by way of multi-finned, rubber seals located on the front and rear rails. You can also quickly adjust the tension of the cover using built-in adjustment gauges.

Tri-fold tonneau covers

Tri-fold tonneau covers, like roll-up covers, can be moved away from the truck bed and stored on the truck. This gives you the protection of a tonneau cover, without limiting the functionality of your truck. Because the Lund Genesis Tri-Fold Tonneau comes preassembled, it installs even faster than other Lund tonneau covers. The double-sided, matte black cover resists tears and will maintain its appearance for years. When closed, the cover is taut and smooth, thanks to cam-action clamps.

Hinged tonneau covers

You'll prefer a hinged tonneau cover if unpeeling or unsnapping your tonneau cover seems like a hassle. Lund Genesis Hinged Tonneau Covers are equipped with heavy-duty gas struts, so you can open the cover with just one hand. Closing the hinged cover is simple too — the latch closes instantly when you shut the cover. These Lund tonneau covers have black vinyl tops, along with black powdercoated rails and bows.

Lund accessories

Lund Genesis Tailgate Seals enhance the weatherproofing of any Lund tonneau cover. These tailgate seals are formed from extruded EPDM rubber and fit all makes and models.