Kenda ATV Tires — The Kenda ATV Tire Review

Short history of Kenda ATV tires

Since its founding in 1962, Kenda Tires has quietly earned a strong reputation for innovation in tire design and manufacturing. In the company’s earliest years, that reputation for excellence was mainly associated with bicycle tires. But that changed in 1994, when Kenda launched the revolutionary Bearclaw ATV tire — engineered for performance and durability in the most extreme conditions. Since then, the Kenda ATV tire lineup has grown to include options for all types of ATV riding.

Kenda ATV tires are manufactured in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam.

Kenda ATV tire innovation

When the Bearclaw was launched in the 1990s, ATV enthusiasts quickly recognized it as groundbreaking. At that time, it was the only ATV tire on the market with this combination of features:

  • Tear-resistant rubber
  • Aggressive tread pattern for better traction in uneven, muddy terrain
  • Six-ply, heavy-duty casing

The Bearclaw was so popular that Kenda eventually rolled it out in 23 sizes. The company has been innovating in ATV tires ever since.

Kenda ATV Tires for every rider

Replacement ATV tires

If you’re looking to replace your OEM ATV tires with a solid, all-purpose option, Kenda has you covered. Two popular lines are the Scorpion and Front Max. The Scorpion is a wallet-friendly option with a knobby tread and two-ply, rated casing. Many riders pair Scorpion rear tires with the Front Max, which delivers nice cornering performance.

ATV tires for mud traction

The Bearclaw is still a favorite among riders who want maximum traction in all types of terrain. Another choice for versatility and traction is the Executioner line. The Kenda ATV tire team engineered the 538 Executioner tire specifically for mudding. This design has reinforced knobs and a very strong, puncture-resistant casing.

ATV tires for sand riding

Kenda sand ATV tires include the Gecko and Dune Runner. Both lines are lighter and smoother than a traditional ATV tire. Kenda designed the tread patterns and tread compounds specifically to improve handling and performance on sand.

Snow tires for ATVs

Kenda Snow Mad tires are light and flexible. The rubber compound has a low temperature, which means you experience better traction and ride comfort when it’s cold and icy outside. You can add studs to these Kenda ATV tires for even better traction and performance.

Kenda ATV tires for durability and handling

Kenda produces several ATV tire options for riders who prefer a mix of durability, handling at speed, and reliable, all-condition traction performance. The Kenda Klaw tire line includes options for motocross track, short-course racing, and cross-country applications. There’s also a radial option: the Kenda K533 Klaw MXR.

Desert racers prefer Kenda’s Parker tire, which comes in two options: the K532 and K535. Both tire designs hold up over time on tough terrain. The K532 has a lighter weight casing, for that extra edge when racing.

Kenda also produces an ATV tire specifically for circuit racers. The Kutter K581 has a knobby tread, plus a heavy-duty, six-ply rated casing that stands up to the grueling conditions of GNCC racing. A lighter weight option is the Kutter K580, made for ATV Pro MX racers.

Kenda ATV tires for road driving

The Kenda Road Go equips your ATV for versatility. Designed for on-road and off-road use, the Road Go performs well, no matter where you are.

Kenda’s focus on innovation has led to the development of a Kenda ATV tire for nearly every application. Quality-minded ATV owners are likely to agree that Kenda ATV tires, on the whole, deliver durability and performance.