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Jeep Winches: A Top Seller

Jeep winch - Jeep winches

There are many Jeep winches to choose from, and sometimes the ability to sell can speak volumes about what kind of Jeep winches they are. For this reason, we would like to take a moment to briefly look at one the top-selling products in Smittybilt winches.

Granted, this should not be taken as suggesting that certain Jeep winches are superior over another solely because of sales, but rather just one more thing to take into consideration for your decision making process.

Smittybilt Winches:

Jeep winch - Jeep winches


There are no earth-shattering or super high-tech features on the XRC-8. It won’t beg, roll over, shake, or get the newspaper every morning. Sure, it comes standard with many features often included with Jeep winches, but there’s nothing you haven’t seen before.

However, there is one unique feature on the XRC-8 that sets it apart from the rest: price. While the XRC-8 offers a winching solution on par with major competitors in terms of performance, reliability, and features, Smittybilt throws all of that into a single package with a generous price tag.

All things considered, it’s easy to see why the XRC-8 is a great Jeep winch. Combine the fact that there are so many features included and with the affordable price point and it’s quite clear as to why the XRC-8 is one of the bestselling Jeep winches around.

Overall, the XRC-8 Smittybilt winches can be summed up as giving you all the best features that you look for in a Jeep winch and combining them into a reliable package with an affordable price that makes it one of the best-valued and best-selling Jeep winches on the market.


  • 8,000 lb rated line pull, 4.1 horsepower motor, 265:1 gear ratio
  • 12 ft remote for safety during pulls
  • Tough, compact, and reliable Jeep winches

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