Outfitting a Jeep for Any Off-Road Adventure

Any off-road trip can provide a great time out in the backcountry, but it can quickly take a turn for the worse without the proper preparation. Remember, when you head away from civilization, you only have what you bring with you. With limited space needing to provide maximum utility, the Jeep accessories that you use can make or break the trip. Certain storage accessories are vital, as is a viable self-recovery system, and an auxiliary light system. Each upgrade on its own can provide increased utility over factory equipment, but when combined, your Jeep will be ready for anything.

Storage solutions

The gear you take into the hinterlands is vital to the success of your trip. Unfortunately, the factory cargo area of a Jeep is fairly limited. Install additional racks that attach to your bumper, tailgate, rear tow-hitch receiver, or even the roll cage to tie down more gear. These Jeep accessories can carry nearly anything, including water and fuel containers, toolboxes, spare parts and equipment, or anything else that can be tied down.

A roof or hood rack can stow even more gear, or you can mount an additional spare tire. Install a set of Smittybilt G.E.A.R. seat covers that provide numerous pockets for stowing small, personal items. There are also inserts that can optimize the storage space of your Jeep’s factory cargo area. These inserts feature compartments that can stow all types of gear and equipment.

Self-recovery equipment

The heart of any self-recovery system is a heavy-duty winch capable of pulling your vehicle out of or over any obstacle it encounters. Tow trucks don’t often service remote wilderness areas, so you’ll have to provide your own roadside assistance. The Jeep accessories necessary for self-recovery operations are simple. You need a winch that offers a line-pull capacity greater than the laden weight of your Jeep, you’ll need steel cable, nylon safety straps, gloves, and in some instances, metal anchor stakes. You’ll need the anchors of you get stuck in an environment that doesn’t have natural anchor points, such as trees or large, fixed rocks.

Auxiliary lighting

One of the most important Jeep accessories to consider is additional lights. Even if you don’t plan on doing any type of night driving, it’s best to have an effective auxiliary lighting system for your vehicle. Just because you don’t plan on driving at night, doesn’t mean that you won’t have to at some point. If you get stuck and it takes you a long time to get free, your trip home could easily occur in the dark. Additional lights out in the backcountry can help you navigate away from obstacles that would otherwise be obscured.