Ford F150 Lift Kits for the Budget-Minded

Ford F150 lift kits can take your pickup to new heights without breaking the bank. Just think about all the great things a lift kit would allow you to do. You could add on larger tires that are designed for rougher terrains, like a nice set of mud terrain tires. Along with that, you can increase the wheel size. Plus, it'll give your truck that heavy-duty off-road look. You'll get all of these benefits just by adding on an extra 3-5 inches of ride height.

Body lifts are a fantastic option for lifting a truck, as opposed to standard Ford lift kits, because they're an incredibly safe, dependable way to add 2-3 inches of ride height. The difference is that you don't have to modify the factory suspension or geometry, keeping it just as strong as when you first got it. The F150 lift kits use high quality materials to make their heavy-duty hardware, brackets, nylon reinforced body blocks, and CNC machined steering extension. These components work together to provide stable support for the lift. Add on a coil spring spacer, which levels any rake in the front, and you've just lifted your pickup without deteriorating the factory ride quality.

It may seem like a lot of components, but it only takes about 6-8 hours to install both the body lift and the coil spring spacers, and you'll end up with up to 5 extra inches. These F150 lift kits also come with inner fender Gap Guards for the area between the body and the frame. These will hide any noticeable space.

The installation will involve a number of components. It starts by lifting the vehicle up so you can unbolt the factory body mounts. This must be done all the way along the frame and will allow you to install the new body blocks and hardware. The bumper needs to be raised from its factory location. This can be done with the provided black powder coated bumper brackets. In order to add these, you need to first remove the inner mounting brackets. Follow the instructions carefully as you drill the inner mount brackets to get the necessary clearance. Then you can reinstall them.

Once you've completed these steps, it's onto the coil spring spacers. To install them, you must first uninstall the factory coils and shock assembly. The safest way to do this is by using a coil spring compressor, which will allow you to unbolt the top coil mount and swap the new urethane coil spacer with the original. The last step before you put everything back in the truck is to install an aluminum top coil spacer, which will fit over the reassembled coil and shock assembly. The ride quality will remain incredibly smooth since there is minimal pre-load on the coil springs.

Unlike more expensive lift kits, PLS Ford F150 lift kits retail for about $800. With that kind of savings, you'll have more than enough money to get the massive tires and wheels that will take your truck anywhere and everywhere you want to go.