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Extang Tonneau Covers: Stylish Soft and Hard Tonneau Covers

Extang makes a full-line of soft and hard tonneau covers that roll, fold, or tilt away from your truck bed. The company has been producing tonneau covers for decades, and has become an established and reliable name in the industry. This reputation likely results from Extang’s focus on improving the convenience and durability of soft tonneau covers. Defining characteristics of Extang tonneau covers include easy installation systems, all-weather designs, and extended warranty protection.

Easy installation

Extang tonneau covers use a clamp-on installation system that offers two main benefits. First, you don’t have to drill holes in your truck to complete the installation process. Secondly, you can install the tonneau cover by yourself, without a second pair of hands. For most Extang tonneau covers, installation mostly consists of fitting Extang’s exclusive TuffKlamps into the truck’s rail channels. Extang Monster Bows then fit into the TuffKlamps.

TuffKlamps have two different peg heights. You’d place the bows on the lower peg if you live in a warm climate, or if you’d prefer a lower profile look. Use the higher height setting when water-shedding performance and gas mileage are your primary concerns. Either way, you can have your tonneau cover frame securely clamped to your truck bed in minutes.

All-weather designs

Extang’s snap-style tonneau covers have weather-adjustable snaps for a perfect fit in summer and winter. When it’s warm outside, keep the snaps in the lower position to take up the slack in your tarp. In colder temperatures, you can slide off the snaps and twist them, which pops the studs into the higher position.

Some Extang tonneau covers use a self-adjusting tension system instead of the adjustable snaps. This system uses multi-directional tension, by way of latch springs and spring-loaded bows, to keep the tonneau cover tarp taut at any temperature.

Another Extang exclusive is the use of WeatherTuff Seals. Tough PVC seals under the tarp and on the side rails work together to keep water and debris from getting under the tonneau cover.

Reliable warranty protection

Assuming you care for your Extang tonneau cover properly, the manufacturer will repair or replace defective materials. Extang stands behind its soft covers with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 10-year warranty on the tarp. This generous warranty coverage indicates that Extang soft tonneau covers can be as durable, if not more so, than any hard-top tonneau cover.

Extang’s Solid Fold — a lightweight, foldable, hard-lid tonneau cover — is backed by a three-year warranty.

Extang tonneau cover lines

Most Extang tonneau covers are soft-top designs. The Express Tonno, Extang RT Tonno, and Revolution Tonno roll up and out of the way when you need to get to your truck bed. The Platinum and BlackMax are snap-style tonneau covers, and the Trifecta is a trifold model. The Solid Fold is similar to the Trifecta, except that it has hard-surface panels. Extang’s Tuff Tonno uses peel-and-seal edges and a click-lock rear rail for a smooth finish.

Extang accessories

Extang also makes toolbox tonneau covers, which fit behind an existing toolbox in the truck bed. These tonneau covers have the same features you’d expect from Extang: no-drill installation systems, weather seals, and generous warranties.