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Ball Mounts

Ball Mounts

We carry everything you need to turn your truck, van, or SUV into to the perfect towing rig. Whether you're towing a personal watercraft, monster toy-hauler, or anything in between, we have the towing system to safely get the job done. Stock towing hitches can be quite costly if bought through a dealer. Opt for one of our units instead. We have high quality tow hitches that have been designed specifically for your vehicle.

How to Tow - Part 1: Hitches, Receivers, and Ball Mounts

How to Choose a Ball Mount


Distance from the center of the ball hole to the center of the pin hole.


Distance from the top of the shank to the top of the ball platform.


Distance from the top of the shank to the top of the ball platform.


Measuring for the Proper Ball Mount

  1. Measure from the ground to the top of the hitch.
  2. Measure from the ground to the (inside) top of the trailer coupler, when level.
  3. Subtract the height of the hitch ball (most are 2-1/2" to 3" high) from coupler measurement.
  4. An 8" drop is required to make the trailer level.
The difference in the two measurements is the amount of ball mount "rise" or "drop" required.


Selecting the Right Hitch Ball

For trouble-free towing, always use the properly rated hitch ball for your towing system.

  • Your towing system's maximum weight rating is always equal to the lowest rated item in the system.
  • Your hitching system cannot be upgraded to a rating higher than the maximum rating of your hitch. For example, a 3,500 lb. ball on a 2,000 lb. max trailer weight rated hitch does not increase your towing capacity to 3,500 lbs. Your hitching system is still rated at 2,000 lbs.
  • Conversely, a 2,000 lb. ball on a 3,500 lb. max trailer weight-rated hitch decreases your maximum towing capacity to 2,000 lbs.
  • The hitch ball diameter must be the same diameter as the trailer coupler.
  • The shank diameter of the hitch ball should be the same as the hole diameter in the correct ball mount you selected.
  • The shank length should be long enough to allow at least two threads to be visible when the hitch ball is installed and the nut completely tightened.
Draw-Tite Easy Load Ball Mount
Draw-Tite Easy Load Ball Mount These heavy-duty Draw-Tite Quick Loading Ball Mounts are angle cut to ease the incretion of the ball mount into the trailer hitch receiver. Available in most popular drop offsets.

Draw-Tite Utility Ball Mounts
Draw-Tite Utility Ball Mounts Draw-Tite has numerous ball mounts to accommodate both lifted and lowered vehicles, as well as different trailer heights to suit your needs for safe and proper towing. These heavy-duty ball mounts are rated for use with class III and Class IV hitches.

Tie Downs, Straps, and Chains
Tie Downs, Straps, and Chains Tow with confidence! Action Auto Adjustable Ball Mounts are an all-steel construction design adjustable In 1" increments for maximum adjustability. Each one features a 2" & 2 5/16" hitch ball, flip around head for convenient storage, and either a show chrome or tough powdercoat finish.