Superlift Suspension Lift Kits for Chevy 1 / 2 -Ton Pickup Trucks (New 6" Superlift Suspension) |

New 6" Superlift Suspension Lift Kits for Chevy 1 / 2 -Ton Pickup Trucks

New 6" Superlift Suspension Lift Kits for Chevy 1 / 2 -Ton Pickup Trucks

Superlift Suspension Lift Kits Superlift Suspension Lift Kits for Chevy 1 / 2 -Ton Pickup Truck
3/4- and 1-ton pickup trucks and SUVS may be able to handle all the heavy towing you could possibly need, but it's the 1/2-ton vehicles that keep people as the primary focus. Anyone shopping for a 1/2-ton pickup or SUV is more likely to be looking for a daily driver and off-roading vehicle, which makes ride quality incredibly important. Lift kits that diminish ride quality on larger vehicles aren't going to matter as much if the main use is for slower, towing applications. But when you're mostly carting around people, you need to make sure to pick a lift kit that will keep everything even and smooth.

For this purpose, there aren't many lift kits better than the Superlift Suspension lift. Superlift realized that they didn't have the millions of dollars to put into research and development like other aftermarket companies and decided to take a different approach – keep it simple. With this in mind, they worked to create lift kits that would allow clearance for larger tires while maintaining OE ride quality, especially GM's electronic-shock Autoride system.

Using GM engineering data and advanced computer modeling, the Superlift suspension lift for '07-'08 Chevy & GMC 1/2-ton trucks was born. To keep costs down and quality high Superlift tested everything out, including fit and clearance, on a computer before they even touched a piece of metal. Once it was time to start building these lift kits, they used laser-cutters and CNC lathes that were controlled by computers, which stored all the results of the original testing. This minimized any unpredictable occurrences and kept the quality at the top level.

The real highlight of these Superlift suspension lift kits is the replacement knuckles, which were designed so that full steering radius would be maintained. Plus, you get better handling and less stress on the OE steering parts thanks to the smaller track-width. Just make sure you have a least a 17" diameter wheel, with 5.0-5.5" of backspacing, in order to get the knuckle clearance you need.

Overall performance of the vehicle stays very close to OE ride quality. Unlike other lift kits, the Superlift base kit uses preload shims for a firmer ride in front. This is extremely important because lift kits increase the vehicle's center of gravity and cause extra bodyroll. These shims counteract that by firming up the stance. You can even add on optional replacement front struts to make it even firmer with valving that is actually stiffer than its OE counterpart. The Superlift suspension lift kits also minimize front-end dive caused by heavy braking.

If your truck has 33" tires and OE power and gearing, then you won't need to worry about axlewrap with the standard rear blocks. But if you have larger tires or upgraded power and gearing, you will probably need the optional replacement leaf springs. It all depends on how you like your truck to look. If you prefer it to be level, then stick with the 5" rear blocks. If you prefer the raked look, then you can choose shorter blocks.

On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the most difficult), Superlift rates the installation of these lift kits as a 5, or maximum difficulty, and recommends using professional installation. This is based on the length of the installation, which takes about 8-9 hours, and the necessary tools and skills, like welding and cutting, which the average person doesn't have at home. Keep in mind that these estimations are based solely on the installation of the Superlift suspension lift and do not include other factors such as brake-bleeding, alignment, and headlight re-aiming. A service manual can instruct you on how to properly disassemble your OE parts.