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Off Road Lights Buyer’s Guide

Off Road Lights Buyer’s Guide


KC LZR Series

10% Instant Rebate

Featuring a circular design with air-cooled die-cast aluminum casing, KC's 4-inch round LZR sports a Lexan lens that's UV treated and shatterproof. Impermeable to dust and IP68 rated, it’s submersible under water up to 3 meters deep and uses military grade wire connectors! Comprised of six ultra-efficient 3w LEDs, this reliable light source touts a total of 18 watts. Invest in a 4-inch KC LZR today!

Single Light | Pair of Lights

KC Series Slim Long Range KC HiLiTES

KC Series Slim Long Range

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KC's SlimLite Kits feature a distinctive 6-inch round housing matched with a smooth, flat outline so they can mount in spots where other lights won’t. Featuring a halogen bulb, optical grade glass lens, and flawlessly polished reflectors, the intensive light beam it creates is mega bright. Long range, driving and fog light options are all offered in a highly polished titanium, vivid chrome plated and commanding black powder coat exterior. Every SlimLite kit contains two KC SlimLites, two high-impact shielding stone guards and pre-terminated electric wiring harness, highly durable relay and lighted switch with illustrated directions for easy installation.

KC Series Apollo Driving Lights KC HiLiTES

KC Series Apollo Driving Lights

10% Instant Rebate

The KC Apollo Series lights have a sturdy, US-manufactured black Polymax cover with a smooth, level profile. Creating a bright, intensely focused light beam is easy with this optical grade glass lens, replaceable 55-watt halogen bulb and highly-polished reflectors. A two axis mount makes aiming the beam simple. These lights are available in 5-inch or 6-inch round sizes, with a selection of beam patterns including long range, driving, fog or flood. Try Apollo today!

KC Series Fog Daylighter Fog KC HiLiTES

KC Series Fog Daylighter Fog

10% Instant Rebate

Well-known by off-roaders, KC Daylighters are a celebrated and often requested name in lighting. Utilizing specialized shock mounted 6-inch round housing makes them a popular choice for trail riding and off-road racing, and makes these lights perfect for agricultural and commercial applications where toughness is crucial. KC HiLiTES distinguishes itself as the first producer of off-road auxiliary lighting, so the Daylighter does more than just set the standard for this category – it’s the originator!

Pro Comp L.E.D. Lightbar Pro Comp USA

Pro Comp L.E.D. Lightbar

Built to take punishment without flinching, excellence is engineered into each bar and these light bars come equipped with an incredible 15.6 rating for G-Force vibration. Every SEL-Series LED Light Bar features a 3-watt CREE LED - tops in the industry. The beam pattern is dual purpose, giving the best of both worlds – access the 60 degree light pattern for nearby needs and the 10 degree light pattern for far away illumination. An added feature of the SEL-Series is that it’s 100% waterproof and has all marine grade wiring with connectors. Attention to detail and unmatched quality make these light bars a wise investment and when you factor in the limited lifetime warranty, investing in this SEL-LED light bar is a no brainer.

Pro Comp Motorsports Driving 7-inch Pro Comp USA

Pro Comp Motorsports Driving 7-inch

Safer night driving comes easy with this Motorsport Series 7-inch driving beam. Intensifying the high beam output by 40% is achieved via innovative features: extremely polished reflectors, a Slim shape with all glass lens, and 100-watt quartz halogen H3 bulbs touting an amperage pull of 7.08 amps. Its specially-designed, fluted lens is stored in high impact ABS housing and produces long-range brilliance balanced with even distribution for your up close lighting needs.

H3 7 Inch | Switch Kit

Pro Comp Motorsports H11 9-inch Pro Comp USA

Pro Comp Motorsports H11 9-inch

H11 Quartz Technology – High intensity discharge (HID) often means a high price, but these 9-inch round competition lens and housing specifications are 9900 series caliber minus the higher pricing. An exceptionally long lasting H11 55-watt bulb gives the output equivalent of a 100-watt light with 4.6 amperage draw and 99,000 candela. The totally glass lens includes a clear stealth plastic lens guard, highly polished reflector, and an ABS covering resistant to high impact. This is value hard to pass up – buy one today!

H11 9 Inch | Switch Kit

Pro Comp 130 8-inch Pro Comp USA

Pro Comp 130 8-inch

This light enjoys its premier status in Pro Comp’s off-road driving lights series. A distinctly channeled lens and highly polished reflector provide distant luminosity and there’s balanced distribution when nearby lighting is required. Offered in high-gloss black, polished chrome or a stunning stainless steel finish, with solid plastic cover. Displaying a quartz/halogen 130-watt H3 bulb, the 8” diameter excels for both driving and spot needs. Wiring harness sold separately.

Chrome | Black

Pro Comp 100 6-inch Pro Comp USA

Pro Comp 100 6-inch

The perfect spot light prescribed for off-road enthusiasts, this 100-watt light features distinctive rubber gaskets around the lens designed to absorb shock along with double rubber anti-vibration mounts. The wiring is safeguarded by a supple metal conduit and you can choose polished chrome or high-gloss black finish. Wiring harness sold separately.

Chrome 9003 | Black 9004

Pro Comp 130 Stainless 6-inch Pro Comp USA

Pro Comp 130 Stainless 6-inch

A condensed, 6-inch diameter design produces the long-range spotlight pattern that comes from this 130-watt quartz/halogen light. Double rubber anti-shaking mounts and a unique shock-absorbing rubber gasket surrounding the lens make it rugged and respected. Wiring harness sold separately.

130 Watt 6"

Pro Comp 55 5-inch Pro Comp USA

Pro Comp 55 5-inch

This high-grade light is compact and ideal for those hard-to-fit grille guards, light tabs, and other tricky locations. The quartz/halogen 55-watt H3 bulb fits seamlessly into its super slim 5-inch diameter arrangement. Selections range from a high-gloss black to polished chrome or select stainless steel with hard plastic shell. Wiring harness sold separately.

Chrome Fog |Black Fog | Black Driving

Pro Comp 55 4-inch x 6-inch Pro Comp USA

Pro Comp 55 4-inch x 6-inch

One high-performance package comes with your choice of amber fog or clear driving lights with a whole wiring and switch kit included. The improved efficiency of these 55-watt quartz/halogen bulbs is incredible! Pro Comp's unique multi-position mount eases installation and specific positioning is available for either fog light or driving light lenses tucked in black ABS housings. Don’t wait to get this package!

Clear Fog Light |Amber Fog Light

Pro Comp Hand-Held Sportlight Pro Comp USA

Pro Comp Hand-Held Sportlight

When emergencies occur, having 55 watts of lighting power onhand can be a lifesaver. Included with this Sportlight is a 12-foot coiled power cord compatible with any 12-volt cigarette lighter receptacle. Constructed of high-impact black ABS housing, with built-in on/off switch and handle. Invest in a Sportlight for your peace of mind.

Smittybilt TR-9 L.E.D. Light Smittybilt

Smittybilt TR-9 L.E.D. Light

When emergencies occur, having 55 watts of lighting power onhand can be a lifesaver. Included with this Sportlight is a 12-foot coiled power cord compatible with any 12-volt cigarette lighter receptacle. Constructed of high-impact black ABS housing, with built-in on/off switch and handle. Invest in a Sportlight for your peace of mind.

Rechargable LED Flashlight

Smittybilt L.E.D. Flash Light and Laser Pointer Smittybilt

Smittybilt L.E.D. Flash Light and Laser Pointer

These optical glove box lights from Smittybilt are integrated to form a radiation pattern and assist in reflection. Features of this light include lower energy consumption, extended lifetime, smaller size, improved strength and quicker switching. Available in black, silver, red, and blue, these lights take 3 AAA batteries that come included. Plus, a secure magnet lets you to mount it in a variety of places. Order one today!

LED Glove Box Light

Smittybilt U.F.O. 9-in-1 Emergency Flare Smittybilt

Smittybilt U.F.O. 9-in-1 Emergency Flare

The Emergency Flare, UFO (Universal Flashing Object) is hands down the easiest and safest emergency flare to use on the trail. Conventional combustible flares can ignite accidental fires that can spread rapidly. The UFO is safe and includes a lanyard loop for suspending it as an indicator when you’re trailing and the magnetic backing is a key feature for mounting the flare on metal surfaces. This is one UFO you want to encounter and you can rely on its lithium 123A battery in any off-road situation.

LED Safety Light

PIAA Series 520  6 inch Fog Lamp PIAA

PIAA Series 520 6 inch Fog Lamp

Word is spreading about the 520 Series, making it the top best-selling truck lamp currently on the market. This 520 PIAA light is no exception and matches up with more brush guards than any other lamp in existence. Its winning combination of form and function makes it the cream of its class. There’s no substitute for being number one and no brush guard should go without a set of these PIAA 520s!

Black Ion | Chrome Ion

PIAA Series 525 Twin Beam PIAA

PIAA Series 525 Twin Beam

Welcome to the world of 525 where there are features galore for owners of trucks and SUVs. An H4 dual beam system is the centerpiece, and the 525 also employs PIAA’s extremely efficient SMR (Super Multi-Surface Reflector) technology. The most distinctive feature is the addition of PIAA’s Multipurpose High Intensity LED technology that maintains a cool afterglow when the main bulb is switched off. With the 525, seeing is believing!

525 Dual Beam

PIAA Series 540 Xtreme White PIAA

PIAA Series 540 Xtreme White

Good things can come in small packages and this broad, daring design is proof positive. Designed exclusively for small to mid-size trucks and SUVs, its ultra-thin housing makes installing it a breeze. The one of a kind black mesh style lens cover upgrades your ride’s look while it gives you more protection. Pick up one now!

540 Xtreme Driving Light

LightForce Series 240 Driving Light LightForce

LightForce Series 240 Driving Light

LightForce introduced the 240 Blitz as a novel product and their first genuine long distance light. The result? The 240 Blitz garnered a great reputation for unmatched brightness and unsurpassed performance. Soon it became a favorite in Australia, Europe, and Alaska amongst freighters in the heavy transport and freight industry. Its unique blend of intense output, extreme durability, and minimal vibration established it as standard gear in a host of commercial fleets. The 240 Blitz is a clean sweep when you need long distance and exceptional power at an affordable price.

240 Blitz Light

Series 240 Driving Light 240XGT LightForce

LightForce Series 240 Driving Light 240XGT

Constructed on the award-winning high-intensity discharge (HID) type housing and mounting scheme, the 240 XGT features a 12V Xenophot 100-watt bulb. This light has climbed the ranks to become LightForce’s most popular and it’s easy to see why. A rare mixture of innate mechanical might and commanding output make the 240 XGT a must have for off-roaders and serious enthusiasts across the globe. Why wait to get yours?

240XGT Light

Series 170 Driving Light LightForce

LightForce Series 170 Driving Light

Despite its mid-size, the 170 Striker eclipses the performance of most larger lights, making it one of the world’s most admired models. Compact and easy to install on most vehicles with either a set of combo or spread filters, the Striker’s flexibility is noteworthy. Its ability to produce a perfect peripheral light pattern sets this light apart and the optimum reflector size outstrips many larger competitors. The Striker’s 12-volt, 100-watt Xenophot 2000 hour bulb delivers the goods and beam output can be adapted into a wide, combo or long-distance spot pattern.

170 Striker Light

Series 140 Driving Light LightForce

LightForce Series 140 Driving Light

Don’t slight the 140 LANCE because of its slight size! For ultimate performance in a neat package, this little light gets the job done. You’ve probably seen off-road vehicles install these as fog, crawling, winch or reversing lights with dispersion filters. The beauty of Lightforce is you can modify the color and beam pattern to fit your driving conditions. Buying a 140 LANCE will make a big boost toward getting your vehicle ready for off-roading!

140 Lance Light Pair

Rigid Industries Rigid Industries

Rigid Industries

Enjoying its status as the industry leader and creator of the highest-grade LED lighting solutions on the market doesn’t stop Rigid Industries from improving on its products. A super substitute for tried and true HID and Halogen lamps, LED lighting offers high lumen output minus the high power draw. Longer lasting than traditional lamps, an added bonus is that LED lighting runs cooler. Choose from Rigid’s vast array of sizes and shapes to seamlessly fit different vehicles. Not sure which nighttime light is right for you? Count on Rigid Industries’ LED Lighting to supply the answer you need!

Rigid LED Lighting

Spyder Headlights Spyder Headlights

Spyder Headlights

Often headlights are the first accessory people notice about your car. When you’re looking to impress, Spyder Auto’s projector headlights come through loud and clear. Projectors brighten potential hazards and ensure a safer and more pleasurable experience behind the wheel. Choose from a supply of various styles including classic halo projectors that marry the refined BMW halo form with the sophisticated look of LED lights to set your car apart. Integrating the popular Audi R8 style LEDs into the new DRL projectors is a masterful touch. Offered in a wide array of colors, turn these projectors on and you’re sure to turn heads! Don’t hesitate – get yours today!

Spyder Headlight Replacment

Spyder Taillights Spyder Headlights

Spyder Taillights

Spyder Auto goes the extra mile when it comes to taillights, providing premium options at affordable prices. Their Altezza and LED taillights add a dash of class to your ride by giving it that show car look. When it’s time to choose taillights, give your car an air of elegance and stability, courtesy of Spyder.

Spyder Taillights

Spyder LED Third Brake Light Spyder Headlights

Spyder LED Third Brake Light

The Spyder Auto reputation for providing a great selection of LED lights continues with this third brake light. This third brake light adds visibility and its exceptionally sleek styling infuses your car with a look that will fetch attention. Comes in a choice of three colors.

Hella 550 Fog Hella

Hella 550 Series Fog Driving Lamp Kit

Besides being an excellent rectangular driving lamp, Hella’s Model 550 packs a great value. Well-suited for off-road scenarios, it sports a light-weight form, rugged shock-proof housing, and an aluminum, vapor-coated reflector. The kit contains a pair of lamps, H3 55-watt bulbs, protective covers, and wiring harness with switch and relay and easy-to-follow directions. Get it now!

Hella 550 Fog Hella

Hella 550 Series Fog Light Kit

The Hella 500 Series of lights outclasses rivals with incomparable quality, great performance and off-road toughness. Matte black, its anti-impact, secure ABS housing protects an attached water-tight lens with aluminum vapor-coated reflector. This kit comes complete with two lights, two covers, wiring harness and mounting hardware.

Rallye 4000 Xenon Hella

Hella Rallye 4000 Xenon

Auxiliary lighting doesn’t get better than this! Off-roader racers will revel in the Rallye 4000’s modern design and commanding long-range brilliance that rivals sunlight. Its optimized reflector evens out illumination and the stout, black die-cast aluminum covering is accented by a red ring. Who needs special tools when you have knurled adjustment knobs for smooth, quick tweaks? Alter the appearance of any Rallye 4000 Xenon Series lamp instantly with new Color Shieldz Protective Laminates that come in yellow, smoke, and blue tones. The light reach for the tapered, brilliant beam ranges up to 2,500 feet long and 120 feet wide! The Rallye 4000 is only intended for high-speed off-road handling – if you can handle it, get yours quick!

Rallye 4000 Xenon Pencil Beam

Optilux 4-inch HID Hella

Hella Optilux 4-inch HID

Mounting is painless with this HID’s trim 4-inch reflector size housing an internal ballast and sporting a weight of under 2 lbs. You can afford to be choosy – the 4-inch offers more options than typical HID lamps.

Optilux 4" HID Light

Hella 500 Black Magic Hella

Hella 500 Black Magic

Convenience comes to mind with this light’s easy mounting adjustment and bulb replacement. Its light-weight construction features an aluminum vapor-coated reflector with solid, shock-proof housing. State-of-the-art black optics technology gives you the best of both worlds: a dazzling white driving beam turned on and a blackout appearance when off. Go big! Go Black Magic!

Halagon 500 Series Black Magic

Hella Headlamp Replacement Hella

Hella Headlamp Replacement

A 50% surge in low beam power and 25% in high beam capability gives Hella’s beam headlamp units a higher dose of visibility and improved safety. This headlamp’s freeform reflector provides brighter light than traditional halogen sealed beam units without intensifying the glare. Get yours now!

5x7 Lamp | 7 Inch Round Lamp

Rampage Products Tailgate Light Bar Rampage>

Rampage Products Tailgate Light Bar

Rampage’s Superbrite LED light bar is designed and constructed to extend total light life expectancy using a waterproof, fully-sealed electrical system. This pioneering light bar shines brighter and boasts a longer lifespan courtesy of an entirely encapsulated circuit board. Robotically assembled, concentrated LED bulbs are sheathed in a firm, injection molded cap and balanced in a UV-stabilized clear urethane, fashioning a unified, totally waterproof tailgate bar. Get yours today!