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Bully Dog Programmers

You want better performance and fuel economy at the same time? Most truck owners do. The simplest way to achieve these benefits simultaneously is by using a Triple Dog GT tuner by Bully Dog.

Triple Dog GT tuners have become favorites among performance enthusiasts because they deliver the benefits truck owners want. Industry experts, like those who named the Triple Dog GT one of the best engineered products at SEMA 2008, appreciate Bully Dog’s manufacturing expertise. Two primary factors contribute to Bullydog’s all-around popularity — the company’s innovative mindset and its extensive beta testing program.

Bully Dog innovations

Bullydog has a history of innovation. The company has been first to launch products for specific vehicles and applications more than 100 times. Bullydog also developed on-the-fly tuning. Even Triple Dog GT represents a few firsts. It was the first programmer to combine the functions of tuner, monitor, gauge, and diagnostic tool into one unit. It was also the first programmer to incorporate software that addresses the driver’s effect on fuel economy.

That software is called Driving Coach, and it’s designed to help you manage fuel efficiency with the gas pedal. Driving Coach alerts you when your acceleration or deceleration is too quick or too slow. It also grades the fuel efficiency of your driving on a scale of F to A+. When you reach A+, you know your driving habits are as fuel-efficient as they can be.

Bully Dog beta testing

Innovation allows Bully Dog engineers to bring you creative tuning solutions. But it’s the testing that ensures those solutions work with the way you drive. Bully Dog’s testing program is a rigorous one. A new product is first put through extensive engineering tests. Then, the product goes through beta testing, with real-world drivers in various applications. Bully Dog is so dedicated to this testing process that the company solicits beta testers on its website.

In an interview with Off-Road Adventures magazine, Bully Dog Spokesperson Mike DeFord explained the rationale behind the beta testing. “We want to make sure everything works flawlessly. We put the product in the hands of the user, often shop owners and mechanics, and have them report back before our market launch.”

Bullydog programmers for gas and diesel

The Bully Dog Triple Dog GT tuner is available for gas and diesel applications. Install one in your truck and expect improved horsepower, torque, and fuel economy. Set and save multiple power profiles, so you can optimize your settings for towing, off-roading, or just daily driving. You can also use Triple Dog GT to manage those pesky diagnostic trouble codes, calibrate your speedometer, and tune your shifting points. In short, whether you own a gas or diesel truck, Triple Dog GT tuner has a full set of features to improve performance.

4 Wheel Parts carries Triple Dog GT and other Bullydog programmers. Shop now and you’re on the way to better performance and fuel economy.