Best Winter Weather Truck & Jeep Accessories for Rain and Snow |

Wet Weather Guide for ON and OFF ROADING

Wet Weather Guide

All you need for those wet or
snow days, all in one place.


Get the best out of your tires this rainy season.

Even though all-terrain tires perform in a variety of conditions, there are some areas where they truly shine. All-terrain tires are an excellent choice if you have a long commute, need a flotation-sized tire, or are a weekend warrior. Mild all-terrain treads have the advantage of many gripping edges. Most all-terrain treads also feature sipes. These are the tiny cuts in the tread lugs that open up and provide additional grip.... The sipes are essential for traction on snowy and icy surfaces. Mud-terrain tires generally perform very poorly in these conditions.

All-terrain tires also work well in the sand when properly aired down. The less aggressive tread helps keep your 4x4 on top of the sand. Mud-terrain tires are designed to move material, and this can cause your 4x4 to dig down and get stuck in the sand. The wet weather on-road performance of all-terrain tires will far surpass most mud-terrain tires too. As mentioned earlier, it's hard to beat an all-terrain on a daily commuter that still sees off-road use.
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Get more out of your wheels.

Just like the tires that go around them, when it comes to wheels there is more to consider than looks alone. Sure, looks are definitely a consideration, but factors like materials, diameter, fitment, and finish make a difference. Fall in love with a wheel just for its looks and you could wind up regretting it in the long run. Let's take a look at what you should consider before buying your next set of rain-compatible wheels.


Protect your vehicle from harsh wet & cold conditions.

Everyone loves an easily removed soft top for the summer season, including thieves. Soft top vehicles are among the easiest for thieves to break into. Consider yourself lucky if they actually take the time to carefully peel open the soft top to steal your things, in most cases a quick soft top slash with a box cutter or pocketknife is the preferred method to get to your goods.... Making the switch to an aftermarket hard top and doors can help prevent such a costly and destructive crime. Several different aftermarket replacement hard tops are available for all the popular Jeep Wrangler models. And the wet protection benefits are even stronger when you opt for a hard top.  Show More

Bed Covers

How to keep your truck bed and goods within it, DRY.

A tonneau cover will keep water out of your bed about 98-99 percent of the time, in normal conditions. But nothing in life is perfect, right? And the better suited your tonneau cover is to fit your needs, the more likely it will live up to your expectations. ...What we're saying is, if you haul old lumber around and don't really care if it gets damp on occasion, get whatever truck bed cover you think meets your utility needs along with enhanced look needs. If you have stuff in your truck bed that'll melt or explode or otherwise be ruined if it gets wet, then you may need to look into a hard tonneau that wraps over the edge and tailgate of your truck bed. Unless you like living on the edge, of course.  Show More


Protect your floorboards with precision-cut liners.

Whether you enjoy regular off-roading escapades or prefer to stick to the highways and back roads, time, the elements and regular use can wreak havoc on your floors. Guard your investment against wear and tear by installing protective Jeep, SUV or truck mats. At 4 Wheel Parts, we carry a huge selection from major brands such as WeatherTech, Bestop, Rugged Ridge, Husky Liners, Lund International and Jeep that will safeguard your floors while boosting your style....

Looking for front and rear or second row 2000 Jeep Wrangler floor mats? How about front, back and cargo 2008 Jeep Wrangler floor mats? Or perhaps durable truck accessories floor mats? Look no further. We stock a variety of styles, treads, materials and colors suited to a range of budgets. To view tailored options tailored, simply select your specifics from the drop-down. We offer everything from laser fit liners to all-terrain, slush, nonslip and heavy-duty alternatives, many of which are impervious to corrosive substances such as battery acid, oil and gas and are easily cleaned with a hose. Choose only the items you need, or pick a convenient kit to cover all of your bases.
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Add LEDs to any 4x4.

Tis the season for aftermarket on- and off-road LED lighting! The shorter winter days make for darker commutes that can be easily lit up with the right LED lights. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from, and even specialty LED lights that can make navigation around camp, the work site or on the trail more manageable. We’ve compiled some of the latest LED light offerings to help you find the lighting you need.


Stay safe and secure knowing you've got a winch to pull with.

Adding a recovery winch to your 4x4 is one of the best ways to increase the likelihood that you can extract yourself or others from a sticky situation and make it back home as planned. Simply having a recovery winch available to you, and more importantly the knowledge of how to use it correctly and efficiently will offer great amounts of confidence and security when traveling off-road either alone or with others.... The road to this added confidence and capability starts with choosing the right winch for your application. Not all winches are created equal. There are a lot of specs to consider and personal preferences to address before bolting a recovery winch to your 4x4. Here are some things to consider before you make your winch purchase.  Show More