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Shocks - Pro Comp, Skyjacker, Rancho & other Shock Absorbers

Shocks are a great way to upgrade your vehicle's ride quality and off-road capability. Shocks are designed to cushion you from the harsh undulations of the highways and trails. Over time, shocks wear out. When that happens, you feel every gut-shaking bump in the road. Your vehicle becomes unstable and unsafe. New shocks are also a must if you're lifting your vehicle. Our wide array of shocks will give you back the ride quality and control you're missing.

  • Pro Comp Shocks

    Pro Comp manufactures performance shock absorbers for everyone, ranging from mild to wild. All Pro Comp shocks offer value and performance, giving you the confidence to tackle your daily duties without putting a big dent in your pocketbook. Pro Comp shocks offer something for everyone.

    Pro Comp ES1000: The Pro Comp ES1000 paves the road of innovation in the Pro Comp line of shocks. Designed as a replacement to factory shocks, the Pro Comp ES1000 combines comfort, control, and toughness to create the highest quality product that you’ve come to expect from Pro Comp Shock Absorbers.

    Pro Comp ES3000: The Pro Comp ES3000 is the complete performance package of Pro Comp Shock Absorbers. Designed to improve on- and off-road comfort and control significantly, the Pro Comp ES3000 uses the latest technological advancements to deliver a stable and comfortable highway ride, while also being able to conquer and withstand the harshest of terrains.

    Pro Comp ES9000: These are Pro Comp shock absorbers for the hardcore off-road enthusiast. With its masterful design and incredible intuition, the Pro Comp ES9000 not only offers a smooth highway ride, but is also optimized to handle heavy loads, even during the most demanding driving conditions. Along with extreme brawn and durability and peerless off-road handling, the Pro Comp ES9000 is an example Pro Comp's innovation in shock absorbers.

    Pro Comp MX 2.0: Achieve the highest level of customization with the latest line of Pro Comp Suspension MX Series shocks. Tailored to meet demands of off-road enthusiasts the world over, the Pro Comp Suspension MX Series is engineered to fit specific vehicle applications for maximum ride comfort, handling, and load-carrying ability.

    Pro Comp MX6 Adjustable: Featuring maximum adjustability and custom valving tailored to your vehicle, the Pro Comp MX6 shocks use the latest technology to deliver the utmost performance in any situation. Intuitive inverted design reduces the unsprung weight and protects the body from damage. The Pro Comp MX6 shocks also make fitment easy, with no clearance problems in high-performance, late-model vehicle applications.

    Pro Comp MX6R Adjustable Reservoir: Race-inspired and built to take on any situation, these race-quality shocks are the competition-proven Pro Comp shock absorbers that set new standards of performance and innovation. A step above the proven MX6 design, the Pro Comp MX6R shocks are the only monotube reservoir shocks on the market featuring six-way external adjustability. Simply turn the one-piece billet to adjust to your desired setting and these Pro Comp shock absorbers will do the rest.

  • Rancho Shock Absorbers

    Built on a history of innovation, technology and experience, Rancho is considered one of the world’s foremost suspension and shock technology companies. Rancho shocks are engineered specifically by application, ensuring that each shock improves ride, handling, and performance. Rancho offers time-tested shock technologies to meet the demands of everyone from an everyday driver to an off-road, trail-ready rig.

    Rancho RS5000: Rancho RS5000 shocks are available for stock and lifted applications, and for any on- or off-road use at an incredible value. Combining a twin-tube cellular gas design with 10-stage velocity sensitive valving, RS5000 shocks also feature a 5/8" diameter, chromed piston rod, and 1-3/8" diameter, full-displacement piston for increased fluid capacity and reduced internal temperatures. Covered by Rancho’s limited lifetime warranty, RS5000 shocks are ideal for any environment or vehicle, work or play.

    Rancho RS9000X Pro: RS9000X Pro Series Remote Reservoir shocks allow for cooler and more consistent performance under the most demanding conditions. Standard in every RS9000XL Pro Series is Rancho’s time-tested, nine-position, manual/remote myRIDE tuning technology. This provides a quick and simple way to tune your vehicle's performance. Universal reservoir mounting cushions and clamps provided. Features a large, 5/8" diameter, chromed piston rod, 1-3/8" piston, nitrogen gas, and liquid metallic finish. Covered by Rancho’s limited lifetime warranty.

    Rancho RS9000XL: Rancho’s RS9000XL adjustable shock features Rancho's time-tested, nine-position, manual/remote myRIDE tuning technology. The system provides a quick and simple way to tune your vehicle's performance. The RS9000XL shock delivers both performance and appearance to your truck and SUV. It's built around a massive, 2.75" shock body that allows for cooler and more consistent performance under the most demanding conditions, such as towing, worksite hauling, and off-road driving. RS9000XL also features a large, 18-mm diameter, chromed piston rod, nitrogen gas, and liquid metallic finish. Covered by Rancho’s limited lifetime warranty and 90-day, free ride offer.

    Rancho quickLIFT: Rancho developed this fast, easy, and affordable “lift” technology to make room for the larger tire and wheel packages preferred by truck and SUV owners. quickLIFT incorporates Rancho’s nine-position, manual/remote myRIDE tuning technology, which is a quick and simple way to tune your vehicle's performance. Rancho quickLIFT fixed-seat coilover shocks replace the OE spring-seat shocks in less than two hours, without cutting, welding, or drilling. quickLIFT provides 1" to 2.5" of lift and is covered by Rancho’s limited lifetime warranty.

  • Bilstein Shock Absorbers

    For more than 50 years, Bilstein shocks have led the way as competition-proven shock absorbers that deliver peerless performance time and again. Through a proven design and a focus on quality control, Bilstein shocks set the standard for shock absorber efficiency, with technological innovation and long-lasting performance that is simply unrivalled.

    Bilstein 4600 Series: Bilstein's technically superior, patented, monotube, gas-charged design allows the excessive heat from the oil to transfer to the outer surface of the shock body and dissipate more efficiently, preventing aeration and viscosity loss. This design contributes to the extreme durability, long life, and exceptional ride quality of a Bilstein 4600 Series shock absorber.

    Bilstein 5100 Series: These shocks are designed for the driver who wants improved handling and increased stability without decreasing ride comfort.

    Bilstein 7100 Series: Bilstein 7100 Series shocks are ideal for stock truck and limited buggy race applications, plus prerunner trucks and more. Bilstein's 7100 Series shocks come in remote reservoir or standard body with schrader valve fitments for top quality and consistent performance.

  • FOX Racing Shox

    FOX Racing Shox has been the industry leader in the design and development of high-performance shocks since 1974. Check out FOX's full line of shocks here, with everything from the 2.0 Series to the massive 4.4 Piggy Back, five-tube, by-pass shocks.

  • King Shocks

    King Shocks has become a household name in the off-road industry. King Shocks OEM shock upgrade kits include a bolt-on suspension system that takes your street and off-road performance to all-new levels. Every kit has been subjected to brutal, real-world testing to produce the optimal dampening curves and spring rates for your Jeep, truck, or SUV. Made from the same high-quality materials and precise tolerances found on King Shocks high-end race shocks, the OEM upgrade kits allow you to enjoy the world-renowned King Shocks ride quality, whether you're driving your prerunner or daily driver. Engineered with race-winning design aspects, these shock kits come complete with total bolt-on installation and no cutting or welding required on your Jeep, truck, or SUV. King Shocks front kits have an adjustable ride height and provide as much as 25% increased wheel travel. What's more, King Shocks rear kits typically allow a 15% travel increase. The sizeable 2.5” diameter shock bodies and external reservoirs dramatically improve fluid capacity and heat dissipation. This in turn provides sustained dampening performance (even under severe conditions). King Shocks OEM upgrade shocks feature the exact same design, which allows for quick valve adjustments and modifications with everyday hand tools just like King Shocks race shocks.

  • Skyjacker Shocks

    Skyjacker offers a high-quality shock absorber with true velocity-sensitive valving. The performance-specific internal components of Skyjacker shocks respond to the on- or off-road conditions instantly. Whether you are going over rough or smooth terrain at slow or fast speeds, the true velocity-sensitive valving produces a stable, controlled level of resistance for better handling, improved stability, and maximum comfort. The technological innovations of these durable, long-lasting Skyjacker shocks deliver a noticeable advantage over original equipment and other shock dampeners. Skyjacker shock absorbers deliver a safe, comfortable ride with improved handling and stability. They keep the tires in contact with the terrain and put you in control of the road ahead.

    Skyjacker Hydro Shocks: Hydro 7000 Series shocks are recommended for multiple shock applications and mild-to-moderate off-road use. Skyjacker Hydro 7000 shocks are hydraulic action and have multi-stage, velocity-sensitive valving and twin-tube construction, plus a bonded iron piston and chromed piston rod with micro pores. These come with red polyurethane bushings and red shock boot. Skyjacker Hydro 7000 Series shocks are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

    Skyjacker Nitro Shocks: Nitro 8000 Series shocks are recommended for full-size vehicles and moderate-to-extreme off-road applications. Skyjacker Nitro 8000 shocks are 150 PSI pressurized Nitrogen gas, and have multi-stage, velocity-sensitive valving and twin-tube construction, plus a bonded iron piston and chromed piston rod with micro pores. These come with red polyurethane bushings and red shock boot, and are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.