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If you own a performance vehicle of any type, you should know the brand name ANZO USA. ANZO has quietly become an industry leader in performance lighting, backed by 30 years of experience plus a vast selection of reliable, innovative products. These lights and lighting accessories deliver creative styling and state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price point.

The ANZO product set can be loosely defined as premium-quality lights and related accessories for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Options include LED and euro taillights, halo and projector headlights, Xenon replacement bulbs, LED third brake lights, universal LED off-road lighting, bumper lights, corner lights, and parking lights.

What makes ANZO products different is the company’s commitment to quality control. Computer-controlled manufacturing processes and rigorous testing ensure that all ANZO USA lighting products meet the company’s high, internal quality standards. Specifically, CAD and CAM equipment are used along with three-dimensional testing, to ensure that all products perform as expected and are S.A.E. and D.O.T. compliant. Photometric testing verifies lighting brightness, and ANZO engineers also test for temperature, humidity, and water resistance. All of this happens in a state-of-the-art production facility that’s ISO 9002 and QS 9000 certified.

Replacement bulbs

Street-legal replacement bulbs by ANZO USA project a significantly higher lumen output relative to OEM bulbs. Thanks to Xenon gas technology, these bulbs produce an ultra bright light that noticeably improves your visibility at night.

Fog and driving lights

ANZO USA also produces affordable and effective fog lights. The Off Road Halogen Fog Light is the right choice when your budget is tight. Drivers who want something more may prefer ANZO’s Stealth Vision LED fog lights. Both the halogens and LEDs come with a complete wiring harness for quick and easy installation.

Third brake lights with clear lenses

ANZO Third Brake Lights feature a clean-looking, euro-style, clear lens. These plug-and-play lights are available with your choice of LED or traditional bulbs. They pair well with ANZO headlights.

ANZO Rugged Vision off road lighting

If you spend any time on the trail at night, a set of off road lights is a must-have accessory. ANZO offers high-output, LED off road light bars in three sizes: 4”, 6”, and 10”. ANZO calls these lights “Rugged Vision,” because they’re built for longevity. They’re also highly efficient, producing a very bright light with a low power draw.

Replacement assemblies

Replacing your cornering lights, headlights, parking lights, or turn signals can be a quick cosmetic upgrade as well as a functional improvement to your vehicle. ANZO USA offers a large selection of replacement light assemblies with your choice of features. All ANZO designs are stylish, but ANZO lets you pair that style with projector beams, LED technology, economical halogen bulbs, or clear lenses.

Trailer lighting

If you’ve ever tried connecting or disconnecting a trailer in the dark, you understand the necessity of trailer lights. ANZO LED Trailer Lighting gives you more light, right where you need it. Choose from a hitch-mounted light kit or a magnetic light that you can mount anywhere.

The next time you’re in the market for performance lighting, consider ANZO USA.