BAKFlip Tonneau Covers and other BAK Tonneau Cover Products

An early consideration when you're thinking about buying a tonneau cover is how the cover will change the functionality of your truck. A hard-top tonneau cover, for example, allows you to lock up your cargo, but it can also prohibit you from hauling large items in the truck bed.

One brand of hard tonneau covers that preserves the usability of your truck bed is BAK. The various models of BAK tonneau covers fold, retract, or lift up - so when you need to put something big in the truck bed, you can. This emphasis on truck bed access differentiates BAK from other brands and gives BAK products an attractive feature set. BAK tonneau covers are as convenient as a soft cover, but provide the finished look of a hard cover.

BAK tonneau covers are also durable. All three lines of BAK tonneau covers feature wear-resistant materials and design elements. Hinges on BAKFlip tonneau covers, for example, are constructed of a hardy rubber that won't corrode or rust. As well, the latches on all BAK tonneau covers are hidden when the cover is closed. This protects the latches from the elements and makes the covers themselves more secure.

BAK produces three lines of tonneau covers: the BAKFlip, TiltBAK, and RollBAK.

BAKFlip tonneau covers

BAKFlip tonneau covers are hard-top covers that fold up against the cab. You can even drive with the cover folded up if you need to haul bulky items. The panels of the BAKFlip cover are laminated and aluminum-framed for strength.

Specific models in the BAKFlip line include:

  • BAKFlip G2: This BAK tonneau cover features aluminum panels and a 300-lb. weight rating. Fit to your make and model, the BAKFlip G2 provides full access to the truck bed and stake pockets.
  • BAKFlip HD: The BAKFlip HD is an all-aluminum design that offers extreme durability for heavy-duty use. The components are powdercoated and the core is thicker than that of the BAKFlip G2. This BAK tonneau cover carries a two-year factory warranty.
  • BAKFlip CS: The BAKFlip CS has the added functionality of a removable, sliding ladder rack.
  • BAKFlip F1: Made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer, the BAKFlip F1 is particularly well-suited for extreme climates. It stays cool, resists water, and remains unblemished even in heavy hailstorms.

TiltBAK tonneau covers

RollBAK tonneau covers are constructed of heavy-duty aluminum, powdercoated with enamel for weather resistance. The weight rating on RollBAK tonneau covers is 400 lbs. This line of BAK tonneau covers provides full access to your stake pocket holes, so your tie downs, bed rails, and racks are still functional. The underside of the cover is lined with felt, which eliminates any vibration noise and protects the panels.

Choose a BAK tonneau cover when you need an innovative design that preserves your truck's hauling capacity.