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Truck Parts Home » Expert Advice » Hi-Lift Jack Accessories to Get the Job Done Quicker & More Efficiently

Hi-Lift Jack Accessories to Get the Job Done Quicker & More Efficiently

These Hi-Lift accessories will make each job you do with your Hi-Lift jack that much easier.

Nobody ever wants to get in a situation where you have to jack or winch your vehicle, but if you have to break out your Hi-Lift jack, don't you want to make it as easy as possible? Hi-Lift has produced some great accessories including the off-road kit, the lift-mate, and many more quality parts to help you get the job done with less effort. The experts at 4 Wheel Parts are here to show you how each one of these accessories is a great companion to the Hi-Lift jack.

Hi-Lift Accessories

  1. Off Road Base
  2. The Hi-Lift base is used to help support the jack on loose, uneven surfaces, especially soft sand, mud, and snow. It provides a much more stable base.
  3. Bumper Lift
  4. The bumper lift attaches to the nose piece of the Hi-Lift jack with a couple of bolts and allows you to hook over a steel or heavy-duty bumper to lift the vehicle.
  5. Lift Mate
  6. The lift mate is a really clever attachment that allows you to hook right on the wheel, lifting it off the ground without having to jack the whole vehicle. This is great if you're stuck on a rock or other obstacle.
  7. Handle Keeper
  8. The handle keeper is a polyurethane jack handle holder. One end slips over the jack and the other slips over the handle to keep the handle in place while you're stowing the jack or when you're off-road.
  9. Off-Road Kit The off-road kit is designed for using your Hi-lift jack as a winch. It includes the following components:
    • A Tree Saver – A strap that goes around the tree. You can hook your chain and/or cable to it, or another strap.
    • A couple of brackets that attach to the Hi-Lift jack by sliding over it.
    • A couple of hooks – Used for winching, so you can move the chain back and forth without taking tension off the jack.
    • A couple of shackles
    • A couple links of chain
    • A bolt and attaching kit.
    • Aanylon carrying bag
    • A pair of gloves – Because you always want to use gloves when you're winching.
  10. Jack Protector
  11. The jack protector keeps your Hi-Lift jack in working older. The vinyl bag protects your jack from dirt, rain, snow, dust, rusting, corrosion, and any other natural elements. One size fits all jacks. It is waterproof, mildew-proof, rot-proof, and will not crack. It is great for protecting your jack when not in use.
  12. 4xRac
  13. The 4xRac is for serious off-roaders who want to mount a Hi-lift jack on their vehicle. It can also be used on most overhead racks. The 4xRac securely mounts the Hi-lift jack to bumpers, racks, and other flat surfaces.
  14. LocRac
  15. The LocRac conveniently mounts and locks any model of Hi-Lift jack in a truck bed. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally in the bed of a pickup. It keeps the jack under lock and key to deter theft, stay securely mounted, and is conveniently located to get to it quickly in a pinch. It's easy to install, features rugged steel construction, and can be used with the Hi-Lift jack protector.
  16. Fix-It Kit
  17. The Fix-It Kit has the principle parts for surfacing all Hi-Lift jack lifting units. Included in the kit are pins, springs, and a sheer pin. Other parts are available for repairing Hi-Lift jacks.
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