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Home » Performance Parts » Turbo & Intercooler Upgrades

Turbochargers, Turbo Kits & Blow Off Valves

Max out your power and torque with one of our extreme performance Turbo and Intercooler upgrades.

Products in this category

  • Cool Down Timer

    Shutting down a turbo engine too fast can cause bearing damage. A turbo timer fixes this by automatically turning off an engine after a cool-down period.

  • Inlet manifolds and Intercooler Pipe Upgrades

    Replaces the your weak factory plastic intercooler piping, eliminating potential cracking from improved boost pressures that comes with turbo and electronic modifications. Available in a powder coated polished appearance.

  • Intercooler

    No turbo-modified engine setup is complete without a premium intercooler to provide a denser air intake charge, resulting in an increase in engine output.

  • Intercooler Hose Clamps

    When you increase the amount of boost your turbo produces you will exceed the clamping range of your factory clamps and hoses. Prevent failures by replacing your factory hoses and clamps with these Nomex Hoses and T-Clamp kits.

  • Intercooler Hoses

    Intercooler hoses

  • Methanol Injection Accessories

    Get the most out of your setup with your Methanol injection tuned with the right size nozzles.

  • Turbine Outlet Elbow

    Gain more power and quicker turbo spool time by changing your turbo exhaust elbow to one of these high flow units.

  • Turbo Blow-Off Valve

    While they’re mainly designed to help prevent compressor surge, true tuners want that distinctive sound of hissing of air released from a turbo blow-off valve.

  • Turbo Boost Control

    Get a cleaner, more controlled turbo boost with our exclusive selection of turbo boost control devices, custom-designed for high performance for diesels.

  • Turbo Compressor Wheel

    These Turbo Compressor Wheels will help your turbo spool up faster allowing you to make more power faster which will give you more power for towing and better fuel economy.

  • Turbo Kit

    Does your vehicle need a bit more Boost? A turbo kit is what you need!

  • Turbo Pedestal

    Over time exhaust parts can warp, crack and fail due to the constant heating and cooling that their metal is subjected to. Restore your performance by replacing your old warped, cracked or just plain worn out turbocharger pedestal with one of these quality remanufactured units from BD Diesel.

  • Turbo Waste Gate Orifice

    Lose some of that low end turbo lag and receive quicker response with an upgraded waste gate orifice.

  • Turbo Waste Gate X-Hook

    A must for 99-02 Dodge diesels using the HY35 turbo. This easy bolt on is a quick solution to increasing bottom end boost.

  • Turbocharger

    When it comes to making massive amounts of power nothing beats a larger turbo or even twin turbo's. We have what you are looking for.

  • Turbocharger Housing

    These High Performance Turbocharger Housings are designed to eliminate back pressure and maximize boost while eliminating turbo lag.

  • Turbocharger Manifold

    Forced induction engines require massive amounts of air flow. The more air you can move the better. These manifolds help to increase airflow into your engine utilizing smoother bends and bores.

  • Turbocharger Up Pipe

    Turbocharger Up Pipe

  • Turbocharger Upgrades

    Turbocharger Upgrades

  • Turbocharger Waste Gate

    Waste Gate Kits keep the bypass valve closed, raising boost levels for increased performance

  • Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator

    The larger diaphragm in these Turbocharger Waste Gate Actuators will stop waste gate flutter which bleeds off boost pressure thus increasing overall boost pressure and performance.

  • Twin Turbo Piping and Plumbing Kit

    Do you have your own specialized S300 and S400 turbos that you want to install on your Dodge? We now off er separately the same plumbing and piping kits that we use for four our own Super B Twin and R700 turbo kits. Take the hassle of trying to make or source all of those parts!

  • Water/Methanol Injection System

    Water/Methanol Injection System

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