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Truck & Jeep Trailer and Tow Hitches

Stock towing hitches can be quite costly if bought through a dealer. Opt for one of our units instead, We have high quality tow hitches that have been designed specifically for your vehicle.

Products in this category

  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

    A Fifth Wheel is a specially designed hitch with a king pin receiver that mounts over or forward of the rear axle of the vehicle. The hitch connects with the king pin on the fifth wheel trailer. Fifth wheel hitches are easy to operate and require little maintenance.

  • Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Bracket

    These 5th Wheel Custom Quick Install Brackets were designed with the occasional hauler in mind. When you need your truck bed for other tasks, this kit allows you to quickly and easily remove the 5th wheel and take care of business.

  • Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Mount Kit

    These Hitch Mount Kits are designed to aid in the installation of a Fifth Wheel Hitch to your truck.

  • Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Rail

    Draw-Tite's 5th Wheel Hitch Mounting Rails (Rails Only)

  • Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Slider

    These 5th Wheel Slider Units are designed for short bed trucks and extended cab short bed pickups to provide additional turning clearance and to prevent damage to truck when spotting trailer.

  • Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Wedge

    By using wedges you will be able to set the angle of your fifth wheel mount to allow maximum articulation for a bind free towing experience.

  • Gooseneck Trailer Hitch

    A Gooseneck Hitch is designed for use in a pickup truck similar to a Fifth Wheel. The difference is that the gooseneck uses a ball and coupler verse a kingpin and pin receiver. Typically, the trailers that are most commonly used for this type of gooseneck hitch is a horse trailer. Gooseneck hitches are offered in a few types of configurations, they are designed to be mounted above or below the trucks pickup bed. Either design allows for minimal obstruction when the ball is not in the towing position.

  • Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Mount Kit

    These Hitch Mounting Kits are used to provide a strong stable platform for your Gooseneck Hitch system.

  • Receiver Hitches

    Don't pay outrageous dealer prices for your receiver hitch. We have the best hitches from the markets premium manufactures at the best prices.

  • Sidewinder hitches

    With the growing popularity of short bed pick up's being used for towing the Sidewinder type products moves the pivot point rearward on your fifth wheel equipped truck while maintaining weight on the center of the truck allowing for tighter turning.

  • Trailer Hitch Adapter

    A pole Tongue Adapter is used as a mounting platform for the lift brackets of a weight distribution Hitch System when a trailer has a pole or straight tongue rather that an A-Frame style tongue.

  • Trailer Hitch End Cap

    When fabricating a custom trailer hitch these end caps will give you a finished professional look and is a must for off road vehicles to prevent debris from collecting in the hitch.

  • Weight Distributing Hitch

    A Weight Distributing system applies leverage for heavier tongue weight trailers. This distributes the weight evenly to the tow vehicle and trailer wheels. It offers a more level ride, improves steering and increases braking control, while enhancing towing safety. The additional sway control dampens the sway caused by traffic and crosswinds, contributing to overall towing safety and stability.

  • Weight Distributing Hitch Sway Control

    A Hitch Sway Control System provides more stability while towing your trailer. These systems resist trailer whipping caused by wind gusts and big rigs.

  • Weight Distribution Hitch Bar

    A Weight Distributing Hitch Bar are the bars that are designed to actually carry the weight. These bars are available in different weights to better match your load requirements.

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