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Home » Performance Parts » Intake Kits, Air Filter & Throttle Body Spacers

Tops / Doors & Door Accessories

Stock engines leave a lot to be desired, especially when truck performance parts upgrades to existing intake systems are so affordable and easy to install.

Products in this category

  • Air Cleaner Adapter

    Use these trick Air Cleaner Adapters to allow you to fit aftermarket and factory air cleaners to your carburetor.

  • Air Cleaner Assembly

    Increase airflow and dress up your engine compartment in a matter of minutes with high performance Air Cleaners

  • Air Cleaner Base Plate

    Designed to increase intake airflow quantity and quality. Fits under a stock air cleaner without modification.

  • Air Cleaner Bracket

    Air Cleaner Bracket

  • Air Cleaner Cover

    Adding a custom air cleaner cover to your air cleaner assembly can increase both performance and looks under the hood. Our wide array of air cleaner lids are sure to house a cover that suits your needs.

  • Air Cleaner Flap Check Valve

    Air Cleaner Flap Check Valve

  • Air Cleaner Intake Hose

    Replacement air cleaner intake hose.

  • Air Cleaner Mounting Nut

    These nuts will add style and personality besides just holding your air cleaner lid down.

  • Air Cleaner Resonators

    Replacement air cleaner resonators.

  • Air Cleaner Seals

    Replacement Air Horn Seals.

  • Air Cleaner Tube

    Air Cleaner Tube

  • Air Cleaner Velocity Stack

    These Air Cleaner Risers will help adapt a aftermarket air cleaner to your truck by raising the air cleaner.

  • Air Filter Cleaning Kits and Supplies

    Get the muck and grime out of a custom air filter the right way with filter cleaners, designed to release debris through a simple spray-and rinse application.

  • Air Filter Monitor

    Keeping an eye on your air filters flow is key to maximizing you vehicles performance and efficiency. Let''s face it none of us change or clean our air filters as often as we should but these air filter monitors will help you with that. You''ll be able to monitor your air filters flow through an easy to read guage and keep your car performing at it''s peak.

  • Air Filter Wrap

    Pre-filter wraps add some extra style under your hood, and also offer better filtration of dirt and dust, making them a great accessory for off-road situations.

  • Air Filters

    Air Filters are one of the most practical items to add for instant performance gains. Best of all, they’re washable and reusable for the life of a vehicle.

  • Air Intake Elbow

    Decreases intake restriction and flows more cool, dense air into engine.

  • Air Intake Heater Delete

    Air Intake Heater Delete

  • Air Intake Housing

    Air Intake Housing

  • Air Intake Kits

    Add horsepower, improve gas mileage, and boost all-around performance with one of our many air-intake systems, built by top name brands.

  • Air Intake Scoop

    Whether you are looking for style or function nothing screams power like a Scoop.

  • Air Intake Tube Kit

    The AIRAID Jr. is an entry level system that will boost performance on your vehicle without the expensive cost of a complete intake system.

  • Air Snorkel

    Protect your engine from dust and water ingestion when driving off road. ARB snorkels will ensure that clean, dry air is always available, regardless of conditions.

  • Air Snorkel Pre-Cleaner

    Prevent dirt and other debris from clogging up your snorkel with these special prefilters.

  • Throttle Body Spacers

    A quick easy way to charge incoming air for instant horsepower. Aircraft quality billet construction and easy to install!

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