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Home » Performance Parts » Fuel Injectors, Pumps & Throttle Control

Fuel Injection Pumps & Accessories

Get essential injector and fuel system parts right here from the hottest name brands.

Products in this category

  • Accelerator Cable

    Accelerator Cable

  • Diesel Governor Controller

    Diesel Governor Controller

  • Evap Canister Purge Tube Lines

    Evap canister purge tube lines.

  • Evaporative System Purge Valve Solenoid

    Evaporative System Purge Valve Solenoid

  • Fuel Control Plate

    A failing lift pump will not only cause sub-standard performance, it can cause costly damage to the injection pump. Keep tabs on your truck’s fuel system with low fuel pressure LED Light Emitting Diode kit

  • Fuel Distribution Block

    Fuel Distribution Block

  • Fuel Injection Kits

    Adding fuel injection to your carbureted vehicle is a great way to increase your vehicles reliability and efficiency. Fuel injection offers improved cold starting, smoother operation and increased fuel economy. You can''t go wrong with these all in one kits designed to make the conversions as painless as possible.

  • Fuel Injection Pump

    These Fuel Injection Pumps are designed to provide increased pressure and volume to help supply adequate fuel pressure for your high performance engine.

  • Fuel Injection Pump Cover

    The Stealth Cover fits onto the VP44 injection pump providing a secure sealed connection instead of notching the factory cover for your patch wire. This will stop the risk of water encroaching into the pump causing corrosion and make the modification less noticeable.

  • Fuel Injection Pump Delivery Valve

    High RPM Mechanical Governor & Delivery Valve Kits can give you the power and torque you’ve been looking for. Increases the Cummins engine speed and yield optimum pump output without replacing plungers and barrels.

  • Fuel Injection Pump Driver Ext Cable

    This cable gives you that extra length you need when relocating your PMD.

  • Fuel Injection Pump Shutdown Solenoid

    The P7100 pump on the 1994-1998 Dodge Cummins utilizes a 12-volt electric solenoid that, over time, will stop functioning. Don’t let it leave you stranded—get a BD replacement solenoid to keep on hand in case you ever run into trouble. The P7100 pump

  • Fuel Injector Nozzle Set

    These Fuel injector Nozzles have been modified to allow more fuel flow and better atomization to produce more power without having to replace the complete injector.

  • Fuel Injectors

    Beef up the torque and horsepower gains in your diesel rig with custom fuel injectors, designed with advanced technology for top-tier engine performance.

  • Fuel Lift Pump Retrofit Kit

    This kit is a must if your diesel truck has had the factory intake pump retrofit kit installed by the dealer. This kit allows you to take advantage of an upgraded lift pump to help give you ample fuel flow for your horsepower needs.

  • Fuel Line

    Fuel Line

  • Fuel Line Banjo Bolt Upgrade Kit

    Replace your banjo bolts to significantly increase the flow through the transfer pump, fuel filter plus at the injection pump inlet.

  • Fuel Pin

    Looking for more power out of your early Dodge 12 Valve? Replace you factory Fuel Pin these special ramped Fuel Pins.

  • Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Maintain proper fuel Pressure Gaugeto your engine with these after market Fuel Pressure GaugeRegulators.

  • Fuel Pressure Regulator Seals

    Fuel Pressure Regulator Seals

  • Fuel Pressure Regulator Spring

    Replacing the fuel pressure regulator will allow you to build more fuel pressure boosting the potential power out put from your engine. Extremely necessary in extreme boosted engines to allow the fuel pressure overcome the boost pressure.

  • Fuel Pump Module Assembly

    Fuel Pump Module Assembly

  • Fuel Rail

    Getting adequate fuel to your performance machine is paramount to achieving the maximum horsepower gains your looking for. Our lines of engine fuel rails are engineered to outflow the OEM providing the fuel flow necessary to fead your beast

  • Fuel Rail Pressure Relief Valve

    This inexpensive kit allows you to adjust the rail pressure relief valve on you 2004.5-2006 Duramax LLY/LBZ engines. It eliminates low fuel pressure rail diagnostic codes, maintains fuel pressure during full throttle and reduces the amount of fuel released back to the fuel tank increasing your diesel engines performance.

  • Fuel System Fitting

    When fabricating your own high performance fuel system these specialty fuel fittings will ease this task.

  • Governor Spring Kit

    These heavier coil springs replace the stock governor coil springs to safely allow the engine to reach higher RPMs, so there is no momentum loss when shifting gears while towing up a hill. Pacbrake’s governor springs are recommended for vehicles that have

  • Injection Pump Driver Relocation Kit

    This Driver Relocation Mount acts as a heat sink to help pull excessive heat out of the driver to help keep it operating cooler and provide trouble free service as well as easer access for service.

  • Lift Pump Kits

    When you begin adding performance components to your diesel rig your stock lift pump can easily be over-taxed by the increased fuel demand. Lift Pump Kits are designed to deliver enough fuel flow to handle over 600 hp and are more compact, quiet and durable than most other competing products.

  • Low Fuel Pressure Alarm

    Prevent engine failure by installing a low fuel pressure alarm to warn you of fuel pressure drops before damage can occur.

  • Remote Throttle Control

    Hand Throttles are designed for use in Jeeps with a manual transmissions. Unit mounts to gear shift lever for easy access and control. Works as an off-road cruise control for technical trail sections and is invaluable when simultaneous use of clutch brake and throttle is required. Kit includes all necessary parts to mount to throttle body or carb.

  • Throttle Cable Bracket

    Throttle Cable Bracket

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