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Home » Performance Parts » Exhaust Systems,Headers, Pipes and Hardware

Performance Exhaust Systems

Custom exhaust and header truck parts add muscle to your ride. Choose from top brands, including Magnaflow, Edelbrock, and more.

Products in this category

  • Catalytic Converters

    It is very important that your vehicle''s catalytic converter is working properly since its the key part that reduces emissions. We have everything from direct replacement to high flow performance catalytic converters for your vehicle.

  • Exhaust Bolt Kit

    Exhaust Bolt Kit

  • Exhaust Clamps

    Keep your exhaust system tight and free of annoying leaks with our selection of exhaust clamps.

  • Exhaust Collector

    Exhaust Collector

  • Exhaust Collector Gasket

    Replacing your leaking header collector gaskets with the top quality gaskets. Many different sizes and shapes to choose from.

  • Exhaust Cut-Out

    Get the ultimate in exhaust flow and horsepower from your vehicle. These cut-outs are perfect for your day at the track giving you the least resistance to exhaust flow.

  • Exhaust Flange

    Exhaust flanges are an important part of any exhaust system and a bad one can turn the sweet sound of a performance exhaust into an unbearable racket. These performance flanges are designed to work, keeping your system sealed and sounding like it should.

  • Exhaust Flange Compression Spring

    Exhaust Flange Compression Spring

  • Exhaust Flange Gasket

    Eliminate those annoying exhaust leaks that result from a failed exhaust flange gasket after years of use.

  • Exhaust Flex Pipe

    Flexpipes are an easy and inexpensive way to route your own custom exhaust eliminating the need for special equipment or custom bent tubing.

  • Exhaust Hanger

    No More Wire Hangers! Use these Exhaust Hangers to aide in the installation of your custom exhaust and to keep your exhaust system tucked up tight to the body out of harms way.

  • Exhaust Hanger Bracket

    Exhaust Hanger Bracket

  • Exhaust Header Bolt

    Tired of searching auto part stores for those impossible to find header bolts? We have them in stock and ready to ship.

  • Exhaust Header Gaskets

    When it comes time to replace your header gaskets we have the gaskets to fit your application from the companies that built the headers to ensure a proper leak-free fit.

  • Exhaust Header Installation Kit

    Exhaust Header Installation Kit

  • Exhaust Headers

    Exhaust headers can be a major choke point for engine flow on today''s vehicles robbing you of performance and efficiency. Performance headers are designed to optimize exhaust flow out of your engine featuring larger ports, larger tubing and smoother bends.

  • Exhaust Heat Shields

    Protect your vehicle from the heat generated by the exhaust with these tough heat shields.

  • Exhaust Heat Wrap

    Reduce engine compartment temps and radiant heat into your cab by heat wrapping your exhaust system.

  • Exhaust Insulator

    Exhaust Insulator

  • Exhaust Intermediate Pipes

    Intermediate pipes allow you to create your own custom exhaust system or simply replace a damaged section of your exhaust. These performance products do just that while optimizing exhaust flow yielding increased efficiency.

  • Exhaust Manifold

    Your exhaust manifold or headers are a crucial part of redirecting exhaust gas out of your diesel vehicle, so make sure you have the best one possible.

  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket

    Replace your leaking exhaust gaskets with these high quality units from out top manufactures.

  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set

    Over time the constant heat and vibration imposed on your exhaust manifold gaskets can wear them out. Why replace them with stock when you can get high performance gaskets designed to seal better and last longer?

  • Exhaust Manifold Hardware Kit

    Exhaust Manifold Hardware Kit

  • Exhaust Manifold Plug

    Exhaust Manifold Plug

  • Exhaust Mounting Kit

    Are you installing a new exhaust system in your vehicle? This exhaust mounting kit will make it easier to bolt the exhaust system securely to the vehicle.

  • Exhaust Pipe Adapter

    Use these Exhaust Pipe Adapters to help aid in the installation of your custom exhaust.

  • Exhaust Pipe Connector

    Exhaust Pipe Connector

  • Exhaust Pipe Connector Gasket

    Exhaust Pipe Connector Gasket

  • Exhaust Pipe Turn Out

    Exhaust Pipe Turn Out

  • Exhaust Pipes

    Whether you are looking to add an equalization tube, cut-outs or build your complete exhaust system from scratch these lines of performance exhaust pipes will help you get the job done.

  • Exhaust Resonators

    By installing an Exhaust Resonator you will help to eliminate the annoying drone commonly associated with high flow exhaust systems.

  • Exhaust Spacers

    Jeep moved the exhaust forward on the 2012 Wrangler. Unfortunately, on Jeeps with 2.5 or more of lift that means their front driveshaft is liable to make contact with the exhaust Y-Pipe melting the CV boot and causing the driveshaft to fail prematurely.

  • Exhaust Stack Cover

    Cover the Y pipe and the hole in your truck bed left from your stack install for a clean finished look.

  • Exhaust Stack Mounting Kit

    These mounting kits are available to make the installation of exhaust stacks a simple task, eliminating the chore of custom fabrication your own mounts.

  • Exhaust Stack Pipe

    Check out this line of Exhaust Stacks for The powerful competition look and performance you are looking for.

  • Exhaust System Kits

    Upgrading your vehicles exhaust system is an easy way to personalize your vehicle adding the looks, sound and performance you want and with many options ranging from a simple axle back system to a full turbo back system there is guaranteed to be something to fit both your style and budget.

  • Exhaust Tail Pipes

    Exhaust Tail Pipes are designed to help you fabricate your own custom exhaust system or simply replace a damaged section of your existing exhaust system.

  • Exhaust Tips

    Spruce up your exhausts appearance with these high quality Exhaust Tips choose from chrome, stainless steel and different sizes and shapes.

  • Muffler Heat Shield

    Muffler Heat Shield

  • Mufflers

    Mufflers are a great way to upgrade the sound and performance of your vehicle. Factory units can often times be restrictive and mute the engines tone to near unnoticeable levels. Performance mufflers remove some of that restriction yielding an aggressive tone and increased exhaust flow.

  • Strap Band Clamp

    Strap Band

  • Turbo Down Pipe

    Get the most out of both your turbo and exhaust systems with a custom turbo down pipe, crafted from quality steel and available from top name brands.

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