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Home » Performance Parts » Carburetors, Intake Manifolds, and Throttle Body

Performance Parts - Carburetors, Intake Manifolds, and Throttle Body

All the parts that make up your intake system.

Products in this category

  • Carburetor Adapter

    These Carburetor adapters will make adapting different style and size carburetors to you engine simple.

  • Carburetor Gasket

    Carburetor Gasket

  • Carburetor Jet

    Carburetor Jet

  • Carburetor Kit

    These Carburetor kits will offer you endless tuning possibilities to help you get your engine running at its peak.

  • Carburetor Metering Rod

    Carburetor Metering Rod

  • Carburetor Metering Rod Hanger

    Carburetor Metering Rod Hanger

  • Carburetor Needle/Seat

    Carburetor Needle/Seat

  • Carburetor Power Piston Spring

    Carburetor Power Piston Spring

  • Carburetor Spacer

    Increasing the intake manifold plenum volume will increase you engines power potential. Add a carburetor spaces and gain power today.

  • Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushing

    Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushing

  • Carburetors

    Upgrading your carburetor is nearly a necessity when you''ve mad improvements to your engine''s internal components. Performance engines demand an increased fuel supply and an upgraded carburetor is what it takes. With increased jet sizes, larger bores and greater flow ratings performance carburetors are definitely a worth while upgrade. Carburetors blend air and fuel to create the mixture needed for internal combustion engines. If you’ve upgraded to a performance engine on an older model rig, it only makes sense to do the same with your carburetor to increase the fuel supply. Either you need to upgrade to a performance carburetor or you simply need to replace your stock part because it’s failing. If your engine has been feeling sluggish, backfiring, or overheating, these are some signs of a bad carburetor. Black smoke coming from the exhaust and difficulty starting your rig are other indications.

    Choosing a Carburetor
    One of your first thoughts about choosing a new carburetor usually revolves around carburetor air flow ratings. Different carburetors indicate how much cubic feet per minute (cfm) they handle. In general, go with the carburetor with a rating higher than required for the engine that’s installed. In some cases, bigger is better if you’re aiming to tune your rig for better fuel economy and horsepower. At other times, all you need is a 300 cfm carburetor. Buying too large of a carburetor could choke your engine’s performance, affecting its breathing ability and making it less efficient. Going too small is restrictive, especially at high RPMs.

    Your Resource for Quality Parts
    Whether you need a Jeep CJ5 carburetor replacement or a CJ5 carburetor upgrade, 4wheelparts.com has a wide variety of carburetors from major brands to choose from. With a large inventory on hand, we have all the high-quality OEM and aftermarket parts you need for your Jeep, SUV or truck. Get free shipping when you spend $75 or more on your order. We deliver your purchase fast because of our nationwide distribution centers. Whether you shop with us online, in our stores, or by phone with our customer service center, expect to get great service and advice. We’ve been selling the best parts at great prices for decades.

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  • Choke Conversion Kit

    These kits are designed to convert your manual choke carburetor to a electric choke for ease of starting.

  • EGR Valve

    EGR Valve

  • EGR Valve Plate

    EGR Valve Plate

  • Fuel Pump Bowl Gasket

    Fuel Pump Bowl Gasket

  • Fuel Pump Electric

    Performance electronic fuel pumps provide the fuel flow and pressure necessary to keep up with the increased fuel demands of your upgraded engine.

  • Fuel Pump Mechanical

    Performance fuel pumps are a key component when you''ve made significant upgrade to your engine that increase your fuel demand. These pumps flow more fuel at a higher, more constant pressure eliminating fuel starvation.

  • Idle Air Control Motor

    Idle Air Control Motor

  • Intake Manifold

    Intake manifolds are a key component of any internal combustion engine and often times are restrictive out of the factory. Performance intakes offer increased flow and are able to maximize induction efficiency.

  • Intake Manifold Spacer

    Fuel injected engines can benefit from a larger manifold plenum area just like a carbureted engine. Use the specialty spacers to add more area to your two piece intake.

  • Intake Manifold/Carb Kit

    Matching your intake manifold and carburetor is very important when you''re in the hunt for the best performance possible. These kits make that easy offering you both products matched to each other making you decision process a little easier.

  • Intake Valley Cover

    Many engines require a separate lifter valley cover plate to seal up the engine.

  • Throttle Body Assemblies

    A performance throttle body will allow you to unlock you engines true power potential.

  • Throttle Return Spring

    Throttle Return Spring

  • Throttle Solenoid

    Throttle Solenoid

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