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Truck and Jeep Parts Home » Performance Parts » Computer Programmers » Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Tuner - 40410

Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Tuner - 40410

Bully Dog | Part Number: B/D40410
Help us ensure this part fits your vehicle Check Fitment
Part Number: B/D40410
  • Technical Details

    • Number of Power Level Settings: 3
    • Select Power Level On The Fly: No
    • Top Speed Adjustment: Yes
    • Speedometer Correction: Yes
    • Rev Limiter Adjustment: Yes
    • Internet Updatable: Yes
    • Reads Trouble Codes: Yes
    • Monitor: Included
    • Automatic Transmission Adjustment: Yes
    • State Legal CARB E.O. # D-512-6 or D-512-7 (depending on application)

The GT is an all in one downloader, monitor and turning device. The GT features multiple power settings with the ability to adjust drivetrain and user settings. In addition, the GT line features all of the same gauge/monitoring functions as well as the advanced driving coach software aiding drivers in maximizing their fuel economy.

Installation instructions are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader to view these files.
Download Instructions

FitmentMonitor IncludedSelectable on the fly
Direct FitIncludedNot Selectable on the fly

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review



By Calikid

from oxnard,ca


Comments about Bully DogTriple Dog GT Gas Tuner:

if you're looking to increase you gas mileage then keep looking because this will do nothing or worsen it. bought the GT yesterday for my 06 nissan titan 4x4, installed it, set it to the fuel saver mode and and was driving as conservative as i possibly could to satisfy the driving coach which only gave me a c+ having my truck on cruise control most of the time. i drove about 50 miles most of it hi


Great Overall Programmer


By C. Moore

from Fort Myers, FL


Comments about Bully DogTriple Dog GT Gas Tuner:

Worth The Money


Triple Dog Gt Gas


By TruckGuy

from American Falls,


Comments about Bully DogTriple Dog GT Gas Tuner:

Purchased the Gt Gas looking for some improved performance as well as MPG increase. Having run a Bully Dog programmer on my diesel truck in the past i had an idea of what to expect but was new to tuning Gas applications. All i can say is wow! In my 2013 F150 with the 5.0L engine i definitely noticed a big difference. The throttle response and power had a great improvement but where i was very exc


bully dog gas tuner


By big K

from burlington wi


Comments about Bully DogTriple Dog GT Gas Tuner:

this tuner was easy to use and quick to learn with. based on the intake system and cat back exhuast i had on my 2014 silverado before doing this tuner i can say that it helped make those upgrades shine just that much more. i noticed with all three upgrades done that i was averaging between 20 to 23.5 miles per gallon as seen on the driver info screen on the dash. my only hiccup with this system is


Definately get the bang for the buck....


By Joe Wagner

from Cleveland, Oh


Comments about Bully DogTriple Dog GT Gas Tuner:

I really like my GT personally. Love the ability to watch my load percentage during towing, definately helps me from dragging the trailer excessively. Only downfall is not being able to see my speed, mileage, and so forth in my '03 Dodge Ram.


Well worth it


By Chevy truck

from South jordan, U


Comments about Bully DogTriple Dog GT Gas Tuner:

I drive a 2001 chevy silverado 6.0L gas, i run a 8" lift with 37" tires, and i needed more power so i did my research and it had good reviews, so i tried it out. IT HELPED ALOT. I get 3 more miles to the gallon and i accelerate a whole lot faster, it is easy to set up, just make sure you set it to the octane your running, but other than that i love it. GO GET ONE TODAY!!!


A good tool for saving fuel


By Hans

from Vienna, WV


Comments about Bully DogTriple Dog GT Gas Tuner:

It was easy to install. Can feel the added power and see the fuel saving while driving




By 03 Z-71

from OKC, OK


Comments about Bully DogTriple Dog GT Gas Tuner:

Helped on my 03 Silverado 5.3 on HP and shift firmness, but didn't see a difference in fuel milage. It doesn't interface well with Bose stero systems either, but Bullydog Support helped me get it working. It was a bit expensive though and doesn't look great in the cab.


great gains


By bobbyb

from port hueneme, C


Comments about Bully DogTriple Dog GT Gas Tuner:

I should have done a little more research on the product. Unfortunately I was unable to adjust tire size, that's why I bought it, to help with shift point. Wasn't able to do so. Other than that I would definitely recommend this product to anyone out their who wants to make a little extra power.


bd gt


By iamthestig

from santa clarita


Comments about Bully DogTriple Dog GT Gas Tuner:

great product...but fuel saver mode does nothing but limit the throttle response. i got better mpg in performance mode due to the fact i could get to speed in a timely fashion and hold speed at a lower rpm.


HP but no mileage improvement


By 2002gmc8.1

from Anaheim , CA


Comments about Bully DogTriple Dog GT Gas Tuner:

I installed this on my 2002 gmc 2500hd 8.1. The only upgrade that i have is a 3 and 1/2 exhaust. I had this product for about 3 and 1/2 weeks. Right away I could see the performance no problem lighting up the tires. Ran two tanks of gas on performance mode at 91 and went from 10.5 to 6.5. Also tried regular mode with 87 the best I could get 9.5. The mpg doesn't calculate correctly. I returned it


Bully dog gas tuner


By M

from Arizona


Comments about Bully DogTriple Dog GT Gas Tuner:

I installed bully dog gas tuner in my 06 Chevy silverado . The first one was defected took it back . Installed the new one.... It fried my truck computer . Truck won't start . Called bully dog sent I. My computer so they could fix it . They sent it back dealership installed it back ... Still won't turn on . Now I have a broken truck and I don't know why I won't start . My truck is done. Bully dog


Don't do it


By Brandon Wit

from Saginaw MI


Comments about Bully DogTriple Dog GT Gas Tuner:

As soon as I installed this unit I experienced nothing but trouble.. from horrible gas mileage to my spark plugs and wires all of a sudden going bad, reduced horse power dramatically, my trucks computer even said reduced engine power while the unit was downloading not reccomended at all.


Terrible Product


By Mike

from PA


Comments about Bully DogTriple Dog GT Gas Tuner:

I purchased this product about 5 months ago and the HDMI port on the back of the head unit broke off. There was also a foul burning smell coming from part of the product. I sent it back to Bully Dog for replacement. This product is JUNK and could have destroyed my computer in my truck. I mainly purchased it to increase my HP and improve my fuel economy. It did a good job increasing HP but did not

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Questions & Answers

  • Q:

    Is this unit compatible with a 03 4.7 dodge ram. And or what unit is
  • Q:

    "Will this work with my 2000 ford f150 XL 4.2L, 2 wheel drive pickup?"
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