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Home » Suspension » Suspension Accessories

Truck & Jeep Suspension Parts

Modify, enhance, and optimize truck or Jeep lift kits with our complete line of suspension accessories and components. From sway bars, traction bars and more, each accessory ensures performance in your truck, Jeep, or SUV.

Products in this category

  • Add A Leaf

    Add-A-Leafs Can Be A Cost Effective Solution To Lifting Your Vehicle.

  • Alignment Caster/Camber Kit

    Get your vehcile back on track with Alignment Caster & Camber Kits.

  • Axle Truss Bolt-On

    Looking for a simple Bolt-On Truss? We have you covered.

  • Axle U-Bolt

    Axle U-Bolt

  • Axle U-Bolt Kit

    When installing springs or blocks we have the U-Bolts your looking for to get the job done.

  • Brake Line Relocation Bracket

    Brake Line Relocation Bracket

  • Bump Stop Mount

    Use these handy mounts to add bump stops to your vehicle''s suspension. Bump stops are a critical suspension component, they prevent harsh bottoming and damage to costly shocks and springs.

  • Bump Stop Spacer

    While simple in appearance, bump stops are actually variable-rate springs that function as limiting devices for suspension compression. Unfortunately, very few suspension kits address bump stops correctly as it simply isn't possible to suit every application with fixed-length designs due to individual vehicle variances.

  • Bump Stops

    Coil Spring Bump Stops, Leaf Spring Bump Stops & Air Bump Stops

  • Carrier Bearing Drop

    The Carrier Bearing drop kit will help eliminate take off driveline vibration on vehicles with a two piece rear driveshaft. The Carrier Bearing drop kit shims down the carrier bearing so that the rear drive shaft angle is similar to that of the stock level. When you hit the trail in your truck, Jeep or SUV, you rely on all its systems to function perfectly. If your truck has vibrations in its driveline, your overall ride suffers. Your rig may even seem less powerful. Instead of putting up with a shaky drivetrain, rely on the carrier bearing upgrades at 4 Wheel Parts.

    What Is a Carrier Bearing Drop Kit?
    For vehicles with a two-piece rear driveshaft, a carrier bearing drop kit helps reduce take off drivetrain vibrations. To do so, the carrier bearing drop kit utilizes a shim to recreate the stock driveshaft angle in vehicles with modified systems. Accordingly, if your vehicle experiences shake, a carrier bearing spacer is a quick upgrade to improve performance and enhance drive.

    Upgrades for a Variety of Trucks
    When you order from us, you don’t have to worry about making a generic bearing drop work. Instead, we have parts to fit a variety of trucks. Order a Carrier bearing drop kit for dodge trucks or a Tacoma carrier bearing drop kit for imports. If you aren’t sure which kit is right for your rig, ask one of our parts experts. Because we work hard to completely know our inventory, we can help you order the perfect components for getting more out of your machine.

    Order Today
    Here at 4 Wheel Parts, we have a complete inventory of the components you need to take your rig to the next level. Even though we probably have exactly what you have been looking for, we never ask you to pay a premium for high-performance products. Instead, we stand by our price match guarantee, promising to match any better deal you happen to find elsewhere. We also proudly offer military discounts to anyone who bravely serves our country in uniform. With our pricing, expertise, and selection, you win when you order your bearing drop kit today.

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  • Coil Spring Isolator

    Prevent your coil springs from clunking and squeaking by installing a new set of Coil Spring Isolators.

  • Coil Spring Mounting Kit

    Adjustable Spring Mounts install directly in place of the factory lower coil mounts on the rear axle housing. The folded, heavy-gauge steel brackets form extremely strong mounting pads that are easily adjusted to match the angle of the upper spring mounts. As a result, the coil springs are able to function as originally intended and interference with the rear track bar is eliminated.

  • Coil Spring Retainer

    With our Coil Spring Retainers installed, you eliminate the possibility of losing a coil spring on the trail.

  • Coil Springs

    Stabilize your suspension with a premium set of coil springs. Boost handling without sacrificing a smooth quality ride.

  • Control Arm Bushing

    Restore the handling to a like new condition by replacing your factory Control Arm Bushings with these new urethane bushing kits.

  • Control Arm Drop Bracket

    When lifting a control arm style suspension you will need to use a set of Control Arm Relocation Brackets to maintain proper alignment and prevent extreme tire ware and maintain drivability.

  • Control Arm Tubing

    These control arm tubing kits are great for building your own control arms.

  • Control Arms

    Built from heavy tubing all these control arms replace the factory units for maximum strength and performance. Control arms are important parts in your Jeep. They are part of your vehicle’s suspension system. They ensure that the wheels remain in alignment with the body of your Jeep. Control arms absorb the impact the road has on your vehicle, so when you hit a bump in the road, the control arms help keep the Jeep stable. Drivers need to keep an eye on their upper control arms for lifted trucks so that they are able to replace them when they begin to show their age.

    Signs It Is Time for a New Control Arm
    There are various signs you need to invest in a new lift kit for Jeep Wrangler. For starters, most control arms are only built to last between 90,000 and 100,000 miles. Once your Jeep gets to that point, you are going to be better off replacing your control arms as soon as possible to avoid any unpleasantness on the road.

    Additionally, control arms often break after you drive over a deep pothole or big bump. You also need to be mindful if you notice your steering wheel vibrating any time you go driving. Typically, that is a sign the control arms are on their last legs.

    Dangers of Driving With Faulty Control Arms
    Driving on old, worn out control arms for lifted trucks is dangerous. For starters, you are going to notice premature tire wear. Additionally, you experience extremely bumpy rides. That is not fun if you like going off-roading often. You and your passengers are going to feel every bump in the road.

    Great Parts at Great Prices
    Do not delay getting the auto parts you need from 4wheelparts.com. We have entire kits available to help you get your Jeep back up and running in no time. In addition to free shipping on orders exceeding $75, we also offer military discounts to help people save even more.

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  • Differential Drop Bracket

    Differential Drop Bracket

  • Drive Shaft Spacer

    Drive Shaft Spacers add the extra lenght you need to re-connect your factory drive shafts to your vehicle.

  • Frame Crossmember

    These handy prefabricated cross members will help you to fabricate your ultimate off roader with ease. Choose from various manufactures to create many trick combinations.

  • Frame Stiffener

    These kits will really stiffen up your vehicle's frame.

  • Leaf Spring

    Leaf Springs are the best way to lift your factory leaf sprung vehcile.

  • Leaf Spring Alignment Clamp

    Keep your leaf springs from moving with Leaf Spring Alignment Clamps

  • Leaf Spring Axle Shim

    These shims are made out of aluminum alloy or steel and offered in several degree. They are also pre-drilled hole for center pin.

  • Leaf Spring Bolt

    Leaf Spring Bolts help keep your leaf springs together.

  • Leaf Spring Center Pin

    Are you re-arching, modifying or restoring your leaf springs? Don’t reuse the old centering pins when reassembling your leaf springs! Over time rust and stress fatigue the original hardware leaving it susceptible to failures.

  • Leaf Spring Hanger

    Looking to install leaf springs on your vehicle? Leaf Spring Hangers are the perfect solution.

  • Leaf Spring Mount Kit

    Leaf Spring Mount Kit

  • Leaf Spring Mounting Kits

    Leaf Spring Mounting Kits

  • Leaf Spring Plate

    Many suspension kits require the addition of a special Leaf Spring Plate to complete their installation.

  • Leaf Spring Shackle Kit

    Shackles are designed for off road use and will provide a smooth quiet ride on the highway.Add lift to your vehicle and maximize wheel travel with a leaf spring shackle kit. This essential suspension component works in conjunction with shocks to absorb impact, allows leaf springs to change length during suspension articulation and plays an integral role in ride height. We sell replacement OE style leaf spring shackles in addition to aftermarket heavy-duty and off-road shackles from trusted brands including ARB, Crown Automotive, Omix-ADA, Rubicon Express, Rugged Ridge, TeraFlex, Trail Gear and Warrior. If you need to replace this component or want to add lift, you can find the right shackle lift kit for your model on 4 Wheel Parts.

    Replacements and Upgrades

    We make it easy to order shackle hardware or an aftermarket kit to achieve your desired level of lift and articulation. Enter the specifications of your vehicle to find leaf spring shackles suitable for your model. Upgrade from stock shackles with greasable off-road shackle kits or heavy-duty overbuilt designs with grade 5 hardware and a steel center sleeve. Read part specifications to see whether shackles are designed for use in the front or back of a vehicle or can be installed in either position.

    Leaf Springs and Shackles
    Leaf springs work with shocks in the suspension system on vehicles to handle articulation and maintain ride height. Shackles may become corroded or break, causing your ride to become less comfortable. Replacing leaf spring shackles can restore or improve ride quality and prolong the life of other suspension components. You may also want to factor in the amount of lift a shackle will provide.

    Save on Suspension Parts
    Save on Jeep leaf spring shackles when you shop on 4 Wheel Parts. We have some of the lowest prices on a huge selection of parts. If you find any part that you have ordered from us for less at another retailer, let us know within 90 days and we’ll match the price and issue a refund.

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  • Leaf Spring Spacer

    Use these Spacers to level out your leaf spring equipped vehicle to restore proper ride high or allow more room for larger tires.

  • Leaf Spring U-Bolt Plate

    Leaf Spring U-Bolt Plates sits on top of the leaf springs. U-Bolts are used to attached them to the axle.

  • Lift Hardware Kits

    Replace that worn out or rusty factory hardware

  • Limiting Strap

    Limiting Straps are used to keep vital suspension components from being damaged.

  • Long Arm Upgrade

    Long Arm upgrade for your existing suspension

  • Panhard Rod

    Panhard Rod

  • Radius Arm

    Radius Arm systems provide unsurpassed strength and performance to your lift. Buy using an extended Radius Arm your allowing better travel which will result in a better ride.

  • Radius Arm Bracket

    Radius Arm brackets provide inexpensive way to lift your vehicle while maintaining the factory angle of your Radius Arms.

  • Shackle Frame Bracket

    Shackle Frame Brackets are used to mount swing shackles.

  • Shackle Reversal Kits

    Shackle Reversal Kits help elimiate bump steer on front leaf sprung vehicles.

  • Shock Absorber Mount Pin

    Shock Absorber Mount Pin

  • Shock Absorber Mounting Kit

    These weld-on shock mounts are sold in sets of two, shock mounts can be welded to the axle tube for customized shock absorber mounting or when the addition of a second shock absorber is desired.

  • Shock Mount Kit

    Reinforce your breakage prone lower shock mounts.

  • Spindle

    Choose from our wide selection of lifted and lowered spindles to help retain stock ride quality and give your truck the attitude and altitude to suite your individual style.

  • Spring Over Conversion Kit

    If you need more fender clearance for larger tires on your leaf spring vehicle, Spring Over Conversion Kits are the solution for you. As an avoid off-road enthusiast, you expect your rig to conquer any trail you want. Still, huge boulders and large limbs can be difficult for stock leaf spring vehicles. Whether you want to add some bounce or height to your suspension system, 4 Wheel Parts has you covered. Our spring over axle conversion solutions help you get the most out of your 4X4.

    Get Some Extra Clearance
    Rough-cut trails can be difficult for any stock truck, Jeep or ATV. Unfortunately, your rig’s trail capabilities are probably only as good as its leaf springs. If you are ready for some extra clearance, we have the right SOA conversion kit for your vehicle. Choose an S10 spring over axle kit or opt for a YJ spring over kit for your Jeep. Either way, you win when you add extra clearance by ordering a conversion kit from us.

    Demand Quality Components
    When you tweak with your rig’s suspension system, you never want to use low-quality parts. If you do, you may find yourself stranded somewhere you would rather not be. Our inventory of truck, SUV and Jeep SOA kit conversions feature high-quality components from the top manufacturers in the 4X4 suspension parts industry. For superior performance and enhanced off-road capabilities, you simply can’t beat the benefits of these kits.

    Pay the Right Price
    Here at 4 Wheel Parts, we proudly feature a huge selection of 4X4 parts and accessories. Still, we never charge a premium for anything we sell. Instead, we stand by our best price guarantee, pledging to match any lower price you happen to find elsewhere. We also offer military discounts to the brave men and women who serve our country in uniform. With our inventory and expertise, you can improve your rig’s suspension system faster than you think. Browse our selection and order your new conversion kit or other components today.

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  • Strut Mounts

    Strut Mount

  • Suspension Block

    Suspension Blocks are a cost effective way to lift a leaf sprung vehicle.

  • Suspension Block and U-Bolt Kit

    Whether you haul heavy loads or just want to a little added rake to your truck's stance, Each system features heavy-duty OE style blocks and U-bolts for easy installation and lasting performance.

  • Suspension Control Arm Bumper

    When you raise or lower your vehicle it is important to main proper suspension travel so as to not damage vital suspension components. Use these special Control Arm Bumper brackets to keep everything working properly.

  • Suspension Upgrade Kits

    When you are ready to upgrade your current lift, these are the kits you need,

  • Sway Bar Assemblies

    Sway Bar Assemblies reduce vehicle body roll on & off-road.

  • Sway Bar Bracket

    Sway Bar Brackets are designed to move your sway bar forward and down to increase spring clearance.

  • Sway Bar Link - Disconnect

    Sway Bar Quick Disconnects will allow you to disconnect your sway bar to allow for maximum articulation of you suspension to help tackle the toughest of Offroad trails.

  • Sway Bar Link - Non Disconnect

    These are a non disconnect style Sway Bar Link design for vehicles that spend the majority of the time on the road.

  • Torsion Bar

    Replace your standard Torsion Bars with these heavy duty replacement units. Designed to take the abuse of heavy off road abuse.

  • Track Bar

    Also known as a Panhard Bar, Track Bars provides lateral location of the vehicles axle. Off-roading is challenging enough without having to deal with alignment issues. Between sudden dips, twists and turns, forces from all directions beat down on your suspension. Your vehicle is designed to absorb vertical motion. However, lateral movement in your suspension hinders your steering, throwing your wheels out of whack. This problem is even more apparent in trucks with lift. Track bars are an essential component of Jeep leveling kits, providing lateral stability between your wheels. To ensure stable, controlled steering, find a new track bar that keeps you and your truck pointed in the right direction. Order your new track bar kit at 4WheelParts.com and regain control of your machine.

    Better Control for a Smoother Ride
    Jeep leveling kits are common among off-roaders. However, with the added lift comes lateral instability. Track bars–or Panhard rods–brace the wheels, attaching at the axle on one end and the chassis at the other. The sturdy rod pivots, allowing vertical movement while restricting lateral motion. If your truck feels like it’s swaying in the wind, install a track bar to keep your alignment in check. We stock some of the most trusted off-road names on the market, including Rubicon and Pro Comp, ensuring durable, long-lasting parts engineered to fit your vehicle.

    The Lowest Price Guaranteed
    We want our customers to come to us for all their off-road needs. At 4WheelParts.com, we offer our 4WP Price Match Guarantee. If you find a lower price at any one of our competitors websites, we gladly match it, before or after you order. In fact, you can file a price match claim up to 90 days after the original purchase date. Plus, shipping is free on all orders over $75. Don’t wait until the next problem to get the parts you need. Find them today at 4WheelParts.com and pay the lowest price guaranteed for the highest rated parts in the industry.

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  • Track Bar Bracket

    These Track Bar Brackets allow for proper axle alignment on lifted vehicles.

  • Traction Bar

    Traction Bars prevent axle wrap and wheel hop on lifted vehicles, keeping your wheels on the ground and providing superior traction.

  • Traction Bar Bracket

    Traction Bar Bracket

  • Trailing Arms

    Trailing Arms

  • Transfer Case Lowering Kit

    Transfer Case Lowering Kit

  • Transmission Crossmember

    Transmission Crossmember

  • Transmission Drop Bracket

    Transmission Drop Bracket

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