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Home » Heating & Cooling » Engine & Transmission Cooling

Engine & Transmission Cooling

We have a wide selection or larger capacity radiators and oil; coolers to keep your high performance or tow vehicle cool for the long haul.

Products in this category

  • Adjustable Temperature Switch

    This special switch will allow your to tailor the temperature that you cooling fans turn on.

  • Auto Trans Oil Cooler Adapter Fitting

    We carry a variety of Transmission Cooler Fitting Kits to make sure your install is done right. Snap in, Snap in to threaded male or female and more.

  • Auto Trans Oil Cooler Guard

    Auto Trans Oil Cooler Guard

  • Auto Trans Oil Cooler Hose

    Automatic Transmission Cooler Hose is available in various lengths and materials.

  • Auto Trans Oil Cooler Mounting Kit

    These Transmission fluid cooler mounting kits are designed to aid in the mounting of a transmission cooler on your vehicle. They include mounting rods, retaining nuts, and all necessary hardware to complete the installation correctly.

  • Bypass Hose

    Bypass Hose

  • Coolant Hose Kit

    Coolant Hose Kit

  • Coolant Level Sensor

    Coolant Level Sensor

  • Coolant Recovery Tank

    Prevent coolant from spilling and contaminating your under hood accessories by using a coolant recovery tank.

  • Coolant Recovery Tank Cap

    Coolant Recovery Tank Cap

  • Coolant Recovery Tank Cap Cover

    Dress up your engine compartment with a new Coolant Recovery Tank Cap Cover.

  • Coolant Temperature Sensor

    Coolant Temperature Sensor

  • Electric Cooling Fan

    These Electric Cooling Fans are designed to operate as a standalone unit or a auxiliary fan. Choose from numerous different sizes to fit your custom needs.

  • Electric Cooling Fan Motor

    Electric Cooling Fan Motor

  • Electric Fan Accessories

    These products will help you finish your fan install on your rig. Whether you are needing to wire your fan in or are looking for the right sender to activate the relay, your parts are here.

  • Electric Fan Thermostat

    These Thermostats will allow your electric fans to turn on at your desired water temperature.

  • Electric Fan Variable Speed Module

    Electric Fan Variable Speed Module

  • Engine Cooling Fan Mounting Kit

    These trick custom brackets will aide you in mounting a set of electric cooling fans to your radiator with out the need of special fabrication tools.

  • Engine Oil Cooler

    Help your truck handle the demands places on it by towing by adding an aftermarket Engine Oil Cooler.

  • Engine Oil Cooler Adapter

    Use these specialty Engine Oil Cooler Adapters to help in the installation of an aftermarket oil cooler

  • Engine Oil Cooler Mounting Kit

    Use these mounting to ease the mounting of your aftermarket oil cooler.

  • Fan Blade

    Increase your trucks ability to keep cool by upgrading your factory fan to a higher volume and more efficient unit.

  • Fan Blade Assembly

    Keeps engine cool in warm weather.

  • Fan Clutch

    Thermal Fan Clutches are one of the most overlooked components in you cooling system. Theses clutches control the fan which is responsible for the cooling of the radiator. Don’t leave it to chance that your old clutch is good, Replace it with one of these high performance high quality fan clutches.

  • Fan Shroud

    Fan Shroud

  • Fan Spacer Kit

    A Fan Spacer Kit will allow you to properly space your engine fan as close to the radiator as possible while still allowing proper clearance for trouble free motoring.

  • Fan Switch

    Manually turn on your engines cooling fans to prevent over heating from towing or cool down after hard runs at the drag strip.

  • Hose Clamp

    These Clamps are designed to help hold the extra pressure that after market turbo chargers make.

  • Oil Catch Can

    Over time harmful oil will build up inside the turbocharger, intake manifold, intercooler and piping.The Oil Catch Can will prevent this from happening while adding a touch of style to your engine bay.

  • Radiator

    If you are building a custom buggy or just looking for a quality replacement Radiator we have a large selection of high efficiency radiators at great prices.

  • Radiator & Reservoir Caps

    Add style to your radiator and coolant reservoir and dress up your engine compartment with a billet aluminum radiator and reservoir cap.

  • Radiator Accessories

    These cooling system accessories and installation aids will help you get your project finished and you back on the trail.

  • Radiator Cap Cover

    Dress up your engine compartment with a new Radiator Cap Cover.

  • Radiator Drain Petcock

    Radiator Drain Petcock

  • Radiator Electric Fan Combination Kit

    These Radiator/Fan Combo Kits take the frustration out of trying to locate all the compatible pieces to fabricate a high performance cooling system. They combine a radiator with a perfectly matched, high capacity, electric cooling fan and mounting brackets, in one convenient package, for the ultimate in cooling performance.

  • Radiator Felt Kit

    Radiator Felt Kit

  • Radiator Hose

    Radiator Hose

  • Radiator Isolator

    Radiator Isolator

  • Radiator Support

    These Radiator Support Bushings will help to keep your front end from sagging causing a misalignment between the fenders and body tub.

  • Thermostat Gasket

    Thermostat Gasket

  • Thermostat Housing

    Whether you are looking to replace a leaking thermostat housing or building a engine from scratch we have a wide selection of replacement and chrome housings to help you out.

  • Thermostats

    These high quality thermostats are manufactured to the highest specs and designed to flow more water then the factory unit can helping your engine run cooler.

  • Transmission Cooler

    When towing or other performance usage your transmission will build up excess hest. This heat will kill your expensive transmission. These auxiliary transmission collars will remove the excess heat allowing your transmission to have a longer service life.

  • Water Pump

    Performance water pumps not only outflow their OEM brethren but are also made of superior materials like aluminum to decrease weight and increase cooling.

  • Water Pump Accessories

    Water pump accessories

  • Water Pump Bearing

    Water Pump Bearing

  • Water Pump Gasket

    Gaskets to provide a far superior seal on all water pumps that may be used for racing applications.

  • Water Pump Impeller

    Water Pump Impeller

  • Water Pump Pulley

    We have many different style and applications of pulleys available, choose from Billet Aluminum ,chrome steel, standard and under drive models.

  • Water Pump Repair Kit

    Keep your vehicle's cooling system in top working condition with a Water Pump Repair Kit

  • Water Pump Seal

    Water Pump Seal

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