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Truck Differentials & Drivetrain Parts

Whether you are looking for a complete hard core package to upgrade your axles or just a simple cover gasket we have it. Choose quality products from the best brands in the axle business to provide you with an axle that has the strength and durability to last.

Products in this category

  • Axle Ball Joints

    Help your vehicle maintain proper alignment and prevent failure by replacing your tired ball joints with a fresh set from these top brands.

  • Axle Disconnect Parts

    Here you will find axle disconnect components. These parts were used on many vehicles to disconnect one side front axle to aide in drivability.

  • Axle Housing

    If you are looking for a replacement axle housing or a looking to upgrade from a weaker unit we have a selection of housings for the hard core do it your selffer to choose from.

  • Axle King Pin Parts

    These specialty parts are available to help you repair and maintain your king pin axle. These parts are virtually impossible to find at the local auto parts store.

  • Axle Upgrade Kits

    Eliminate the weak points in your vehicles factory axle. These axle kits will upgrade to larger splines and better material to prevent break points.

  • Carrier Cross Shafts

    We have a variety of Cross Shafts for your differential. Choose from modified cross shafts when replacing ring and pinions that need additional clearance or just a simple stock replacement,

  • Differential Bearing Kit

    These heavy duty Differential Carrier Bearing Kits are available when you are simply replacing a differential carrier when complete rebuild is not necessary.

  • Differential Covers

    To protect the intricate moving parts of your differential, an aluminum differential cover is the perfect answer, adding an extra layer of protection to your vehicle’s underside.

  • Differential Crush Sleeves

    A crush sleeve is designed to prevent your pinion bearings from being preloaded too tightly and prevent the pinion nut from loosening up.

  • Differential Gaskets

    Looking for those elusive differential cover gaskets. We have gaskets for most popular applications in stock. No more messy silicone . When you’re racing around corners and blasting through all kinds of terrain on a new outdoor trail, you’re not thinking about the individual parts of your off-road vehicle, such as your axle or differential, that make it all possible. While it’s true that these parts were designed to withstand the crazy conditions that come with off-roading, it’s also true that even the toughest rig faces a little wear and tear after a while. When you need a new differential gasket to better protect your undercarriage from the elements and debris that inevitably fly when you drive, look no farther than 4 Wheel Parts for tough and durable options.

    Strong, Secure and Easy to Install
    Avoid the mess that comes with silicone sealant by getting Lube Locker gaskets that are made of strong steel with rubber coatings to allow for fast and dry installation free of hassles. In addition to Lube Locker, our selection also features gaskets from Dana Spicer and other reputable brands in the industry so you know you get quality performance and protection for your machine. These products offer strong and secure sealing to keep the good stuff in your housing and the bad stuff out. Simply check out the helpful product details we provide for each item to find the perfect fitment option for your particular vehicle.

    A Better Shopping Experience With 4 Wheel Parts
    Shopping for small parts such as the rear or front differential gasket for your Jeep, truck or SUV isn’t fun when you go to shop after shop searching without success. That’s where 4 Wheel Parts comes in. Find exactly what you need, from small hardware to major engine parts and everything in between, to make minor maintenance work or giant upgrades a success. Our exceptional customer service and best price guarantees ensure you get the best shopping experience and the very best deals on all of your purchases. Don’t waste time with any other supplier—shop 4 Wheel Parts today.

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  • Differential Gear Kit

    Replace the inner workings of your open or limited slip differential with all new internals.

  • Differential Guards

    Protect the components of your vehicle’s differential on rugged off-road trails with differential guards, built from steel and designed for a bolt-on install on most applications.

  • Differential Pinion Bearing Baffle and Axle Slingers

    These simple metal slingers and baffles help to control the oil within your differential housings.

  • Differential Stud Eliminator Kits

    Differential Stud Eliminator Kits

  • Differential Switches And Shifters

    If you are looking to find accessoary components or replacment parts for your selectable lockers we have it here. You will find Switches Cables and even shifters for the various manfactures.

  • Differential Tools

    These Bearing puller''s are designed specifically for differential work. These profeshional grade tools make pulling bearings easier and faster while reducing the risk of damaging the bearing.

  • Differentials

    Whether you are looking for added traction for your wheeler or just repairing what you have we have a large selection of lockers, limited slips and open differentials. We have one the largest selection of high performance differentials found anywhere in the marketplace in stock ready to ship.

  • Front Axle U-Joints

    Don’t risk your axles and wheeling trip fun to a set of old and worn axle U-Joints, replace your old and tired Axle U-Joints with a set new O.E. or upgrade to a set of specialty U-Joints by the top names in the U-Joint world.

  • Hub Conversions

    Upgrading front axle units to locking hubs using hub conversion and replaceable wheel bearings will not only strengthen and solidify your axles, but also improves fuel economy.

  • Hub Gears And Drive Flanges

    For vehicles where full time 4 wheel drive is preferred these drive flanges eliminate the need to lock and unlock your hubs, excellent choice for competition vehicles. Whether you use your truck or SUV for competitive off-roading or casual trail driving, you may prefer to stay in four-wheel drive. If any components in your four-wheel drive system require replacement, 4 Wheel Parts has you covered. We proudly feature the products you need to dominate off-road.

    What Is a Drive Flange?
    Before you shop for a drive flange for sale, you must understand how one helps move your truck forward. For trucks and SUVs with full-time four-wheel drive, these flanges eliminate your need to lock the hubs in place. When they wear out, of course, broken drive flanges can affect the entire four-wheel system. As such, you shouldn’t ignore the warning signs of a failing driving flange. If you notice your vehicle has difficulty staying in four-wheel drive, you may need to replace your rig's drive flange.

    The Right Flanges for Your Vehicle
    Because you drive a unique truck, you don't want to try to make a generic part fit. We have many different Toyota drive flanges, each designed to integrate perfectly with your trucks four-wheel drive system. Use our select vehicle tool to be sure you are getting the right drive flange for your truck or SUV. If you need additional help, chat with one of our parts experts. Because we are avid off-roaders ourselves, we are happy to help you turn your stock truck into an trail monster.

    Rely on a Trusted Partner
    Here at 4 Wheel Parts, we strive to be your partner in the 4X4 parts businesses. Even though we probably have the exact components you need to maintain, repair or modify your rig, we never ask you to pay a premium for high-performance products. Instead, we stand by our price match promise. We also offer military discounts to anyone who bravely serves our country in uniform. With our inventory and expertise, you get to work on your truck and SUV without breaking the bank. Find the right components and place your order today.

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  • Inner Axle Seals

    These hard to find seals are the ones that go on the inside of your front axle assembly that prevent differential oil from leaking into the open axle tubes. There’s plenty of muck and grime to deal with when you’re off-roading–don’t let your axle assembly add to the equation. Inner axle seals prevent differential fluid from leaking onto your exposed axle rods, keeping grease where it belongs. When you ask a lot of your suspension, you need the best components on the market. At 4 Wheel Parts, our collection of axle seals includes a wide selection of Dana products, a leading manufacturer in inner axle seals. For the biggest off-road selection at unbeatable prices, start your search at 4WheelParts.com today and find the parts that fit your truck.

    Order Hard to Find Parts
    If you’re rebuilding the front end of your old truck, one of the most difficult parts to track down is the inner axle seal. Fortunately, 4 Wheel Parts carries the entire Dana series, including the Dana 30 inner axle seal, Dana 44 axle seal and Dana 60 inner axle seal. Choose from individual components or order an entire kit, such as the Dana 44 front axle seal kit, for a total overhaul. Every one of our product descriptions has a detailed list of specifications and installation requirements, including the part numbers of any additional components you need to complete the job.

    Unbeatable Prices Guaranteed
    At 4WheelParts.com, you not only receive a convenient shopping experience, you also get the lowest prices in the industry. In fact, our entire inventory is backed by our Price Match Guarantee, where we honor all of our competitors’ prices. If you find a lower price, we want to know about it. Send in the link and product code for the item, and we match the price. File your price match claim up to 90 days after your initial purchase date. Shop with confidence and start your order now. If you spend over $75 on your purchase, we ship qualifying products at no extra cost.

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  • Live Axle Spindles

    Looking for spindles for your custom axle build or in need of a replacement we have you covered with these top quality spindles.

  • Locking Differential Clutch Pack

    Restore your limmited slip differential to like new performance by replacing your differentials clutch pack.

  • Locking Hub O-Ring

    Locking Hub O-Ring

  • Locking Hub Service Kits

    These Locking Hub Service Kits contain all the hard to find O-ring , washers and bolts that you cannot find at a generic auto parts store

  • Locking Hub Spindle Nuts

    Whether you are looking for a new set of spindle nuts to replace your beat up ones or your installing a set of locking hubs we have these simple kits to ease your installation.

  • Locking Hubs

    When converting to locking hubs or replacing your factory units, these Locking Hub Kits will make your installation trouble free.

  • Outer Axle Tube Seals

    Tube seals are a great way to prevent muck and derbies from working their way down your axle tubes and damaging your inner axle seals. Choose from the top manufactured in the industry.

  • Replacement Axle Shafts

    Looking to replace worn or broken axles shafts, or simply upgrade existing ones? We offer stock replacement shafts, or go premium with high quality chrome alloy axles.

  • Ring and Pinion Installation Kits

    These kits are designed to aide you in the rebuilding or your axle. We have kits for all stages of rebuild, from bare minimum all the way to complete overhauls.

  • Ring and Pinions

    Choose from a huge stock of ring and pinion gear sets from the industry’s best brands to regain the performance loss that occurs when lifting a vehicle and installing larger tires.

  • Ring Gear Bolt Strap

    Ring Gear Bolt Strap

  • Ring Gear Spacers

    Ring gear spacers are designed to allow you to run a lower gear on a high ratio differential with out having to change the case.

  • Spindle Seal

    Prevent damage to your stub axles and inner spindle bearing by making sure that they are properly sealed to prevent dirt and water from contaminating the bearing.

  • Wheel Bearings

    Stop running around to auto parts stores only to be disappointed when they don’t have what you need. We have these wheel bearing kits for you in stock. Why not throw a kit in your tool box for trail repairs.

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