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Home » Electrical » Battery & Battery Accessories

Batteries & Battery Accessories

Choose from replacement or performance batteries, plus high end deep discharge batteries. Your ride’s battery is one of the easiest parts to maintain, but also one of the most important. In fact, without it, you’d never be able to get to your next destination, or even get started in the right direction. That’s why investing in new off-road battery terminals and car battery termi ... Show More

Products in this category

  • Batteries

    Off-roading stresses every component of your vehicle and your vehicle''s battery is no different. These high performance alternatives offer the durability, reliability and cranking power needed to handle even the harshest of environments. These batteries are also 100% sealed and utilize gel cell technology allowing for nearly limitless mounting possibilities for custom applications.

  • Battery Cable

    Ensure that your battery is working at its full potential with battery cables made only from the highest quality components.

  • Battery Charger

    Help keep all your vehicle battery's properly charged and ready to go at all times with your own battery charger.

  • Battery Disconnect

    A battery cut off switch allows you to shut the battery off to prevent unnecessary drain. Switch works great as an anti theft device too.

  • Battery Hold Down

    Keep your battery from flying around while wheeling by adding a pair of these rugged battery hold downs. Sometimes when you’re off-roading, things get a bit rougher than expected. If you think the jostling you encounter while you’re rolling over boulders and mini-trenches is extreme, just think about what’s happening to the parts under your ride’s hood. Parts like your battery are only loosely secured in place, and too much rough steering on your part can easily send it flying out of place, potentially damaging other nearby pieces. Fortunately, having a Jeep battery hold down on your side can prevent this from happening, so you can keep adventuring without worry.

    A More Secure Hold
    The main purpose of the Jeep Wrangler battery hold down is to keep your battery in place while you’re handling tough terrain. The product accomplishes this by creating an effective casing for the battery itself, which in turn secures to other pieces under the hood to keep the entire assembly from moving around. The casing itself is made out of tough aluminum or steel in most cases, so you can really rely on it to protect your battery while you’re on the go.

    Sizing Your Battery
    Because batteries come in all shapes and sizes, so do battery hold downs. While there may be some universal fits, the typical Jeep TJ battery hold down is going to be tailored to fit a specific type or brand of battery. Therefore, you need to do a bit of research before selecting your hold down in order to ensure you’re getting the correct part. Using our year, make and model drop-down bars on the product screen may help you narrow down the options and make your shopping experience at 4WheelParts.com a quicker one.

    Better Prices, Guaranteed
    When you shop for your battery tie down kit or Jeep YJ battery hold down with us a 4WheelParts.com, you’ll never need to worry about shopping around for the best deal. That’s because we have the best deals, guaranteed. In fact, if you do find a better deal elsewhere, we’ll match the lower price. It’s an offer that extends for up to 90 days after your purchase, to ensure you’re getting the most for your money every time.

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  • Battery Terminal Cover

    Protect your battery terminals from accidental shorts and corrosion with these protective Battery Terminal Covers.

  • Battery Tester

    Make sure your battery is up for the challenge with your own battery tester.

  • Battery Tray

    Safely and properly mount your battery with these battery mounting kits. Your rig’s electrical system is one of its most important. If your Jeep, truck or SUV doesn’t have a steady supply of electricity, it can’t conquer tough trails. For the electrical components you need to maintain, repair or upgrade your vehicle, 4 Wheel Parts has you covered.

    Secure Your Battery
    When you hit a rough-cut trail in your rig, your battery can bounce around. That, of course, can lead to electrical shorts and power losses. Instead of leaving your off-road adventure to chance, upgrade to a steel battery tray that better secures your vehicle’s battery. Simply put, since stock, plastic trays offer only adequate support, switching to a metal battery tray gives you the equipment you need to dominate wherever you choose to drive your rig.

    Improve the Appearance Under Your Hood
    You drive a truck, Jeep or SUV because you love a dusty off-road experience. Still, when you lift your rig’s hood, you don’t want to look at a dirty, oily mess. With the right metal battery tray, you improve the way everything under your hood looks. Available in a variety of colors, finishes and styles, you choose the perfect piece to complement your rig’s motor. Whether you want a CJ5 battery tray, an FJ60 battery tray or a dual-battery tray, you win when you enhance your rig’s insides with a shiny, new one.

    Shop at One Place
    Here at 4 Wheel Parts, you don’t have to devote valuable time, energy and money to comparison shopping for the best prices on 4X4 parts and accessories. Instead, you take advantage of our everyday low prices on our huge inventory of components for your rig. If you happen to find a better deal elsewhere, we pledge to match it. We also offer military discounts to the brave men and women who serve our country in the armed forces. With our inventory, expertise, and daily deals, you don’t have to wait to buy the components you need to take your rig to the next level. Rather, take a look at our selection and place your order today.

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  • Circuit Breaker

    Prevent electrical disasters caused by circuit overloads, install one of these Circuit Breakers to keep you going.

  • Dual Battery Isolator

    Use a Battery Isolator to manage the power distribution between your vehicle’s battery and auxiliary battery s.

  • Electrical Connector

    Use these Electrical Connectors to give your wiring project a water proof disconnect point like the factory.

  • Firewall Grommet

    Firewall Grommet

  • Fuse Block

    Starting a new wiring project, start by upgrading the fuse block. You can add more circuits to accommodate all your new accessories.

  • Fuses

    Fuses, fuse holders and fuse boxes to suit a variety of applications.

  • Quick Connect Booster Assembly

    When it comes time to jump start your vehicle we have high quality jumper cables to get you on the move again.

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