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During the last 22 years, no one has delivered more groundbreaking, award-winning ATV tires than ITP. Whether you use your machine on the trails, in the dunes, through the swamps, on the racetrack or at a job site, ITP has developed a product to enhance your capabilities and enjoyment.

Products in this category

  • ITP AT489 ATV Tires

    The ITP AT489 is an excellent OEM replacement tire. This tire offers many hard to find sizes from 22 inch to 26 inch. Sizes are available for sport and utility ATVs. The ITP AT489 is a great choice for durability and price.

  • ITP Carlisle ACT Radial ATV Tires

    Carlisle ACT Radial tires are rugged and capable, made with durable rubber compounds. The radial construction of these tires offers the ultimate in cut and impact resistance giving you that piece of mind needed when conquering the most treacherous of trails and it's special tread patterns perform well in just about any terrain.

  • ITP Dune Star ATV Tires

    Featuring aggressive, reinforced, dual depth paddles, these tires have bite delivering big time straight line speed to help you conquer just about any dune! Engineered to be light in weight and featuring exceptional flotation due to it's super-flexible carcass, these tires are guaranteed to impress!

  • ITP Holeshot All Terrain Radial ATV Tires

    Featuring radial tire technology the Holeshot ATR is the new standard in UTV and Utility ATV racing! It's radial tire technology offers an amazingly smooth ride quality absorbing even the harshest trail shocks and its redesigned sidewalls offer unmatched cornering control!

  • ITP Holeshot ATV Tires

    The Holeshot's patented split-knob design makes it one of the best performing knobbies around! Often imitated but never duplicated, don't accept anything but the original!

  • ITP Holeshot GNCC ATV Tires

    The Holeshot GNCC was specifically designed with racing in mind! It's 6-ply tough yet light weight giving you that added edge! It also features special angled shoulder knobs which provide increased side bite for more controlled cornering. If you're looking to get a leg up on the competition these are the tires for you!

  • ITP Holeshot HD ATV Tires

    With the same great tread design as the original Holeshot the Holeshot HD does you one better. It is designed with a special focus on sidewall strength resulting in unmatched puncture resistance and it's stepped shoulder design offers exceptional side bite and rut control.

  • ITP Holeshot MX-Pro ATV Tires

    Featuring a revised shoulder for improved predictability and side bite the MX Pro is a one of the top choice among racers. The MX Pro is designed specifically for hard-packed race tracks utilizing a softer rubber compound that yields excellent traction for acceleration and braking on even the slickest of surfaces!

  • ITP Holeshot MXR6 ATV Tires

    Holeshot MXR4 and MXR6 tires use a proven tread design that’s ideal for loose track surfaces, employing wider-spaced split knobs for better bite and clean-out. Like all ITP Holeshots, the 2-ply MXR tires are exceptionally light yet tough enough to tackle the harshest tracks with confidence.

  • ITP Holeshot SX ATV Tires

    The Holeshot SX is specifically designed for intermediate to hard-packed MX tracks. It uses more tightly spaced knobs to increase tire contact patch resulting in increased traction. It also features knobs that have been laterally siped (thinly cut), resulting in twice the number of biting edges for increased cornering performance.

  • ITP Holeshot XC ATV Tires

    Dollar for dollar, the single best handling improvement you can make on any sport quad. The Holeshot XC is the most puncture-resistant sport tire on the market today. Ideal for both desert riding and racing it is the jack of all trades and has enjoyed a long, winning history

  • ITP Holeshot XCR ATV Tires

    The Holeshot XCR is ideal for today's 4-stroke sport machines! It’s 6-ply tough yet still light in weight freeing you from the horsepower robbing alternatives and features special angled shoulder knobs designed to provide increased side bite for faster, more controllable cornering.

  • ITP Holeshot XCT ATV Tires

    Our tallest high-performance trail riding and racing knobby the Holeshot XCT features an aggressive tread pattern for even more impressive cornering ability. Perfect for rough, rocky desert terrain the Holeshot XCT is extremely puncture resistant thanks to extra heavy-duty sidewall construction

  • ITP Mud Lite Radial ATV Tires

    The industry's first Extreme Terrain Radial tire! Radial construction means the Mud Lite Radial rides smooth and finds more traction than a bias-ply tire because of a larger contact patch. A radial tire's footprint actually grows under load!

  • ITP Mud Lite XL Radial ATV Tires

    The Mud Lite XL utilizes the same extended-wear rubber compound as the famed ITP 589 M/S for even longer life and better value! Revolutionary in all conditions it's a 6-ply mud tire that's designed for the trail, and a trail tire that slings mud with the best of them!

  • ITP Sand Star ATV Tires

    Providing unmatched steering control, and much quicker hookup and acceleration the Sand Star is guaranteed to please when it comes time to tear up the dunes!

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