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Lucas Oil Parts and Accessories

  • Lucas Oil Parts and Accessories by 4WheelParts.com

    Gear Oil Gear oils have needed improving for years, especially in the high performance industry. The Lucas gear oils enjoy the technology Lucas developed in making their "Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer", the number one supplemental oil in the heavy duty industry. This gear oil formula is fortified with special anti-wear agents and lubricity agents to control wear and drag as well as special additives to control heat. These features are not found in ordinary gear oils. Thess gear oils are excellent for both racecars and heavy-duty applications where plain gear oils just aren''''t good enough.

  • Lucas Oil Parts and Accessories by 4WheelParts.com

    Grease Keeping your chassis components lubed and maintained is paramount to preserving safe vehicle performance. Lucas Oil''''s high performance greases are designed to stand up to high temperatures and extreme use giving you the confidence in you vehicles safety that you want.

  • Lucas Oil Parts and Accessories by 4WheelParts.com

    Motor Oil Lucas synthetic motor oils are formulated with the highest quality synthetic base stocks and an exclusive high performance additive system, including lubricity and aniti-seize agents. They come in many SAE grades and meet or exceed API SM/CF, ILSAC GF-3 and ILSAC GF-4. These oils have excellent cold weather properties and are compatible with both conventional and synthetic oils.

  • Lucas Oil Parts and Accessories by 4WheelParts.com

    Oil Additives Lucas Oil''s engine oil additives are some of the best in the industry! Whether you are choosing their tried and true Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, their Pure Synthetic Stabilizer or their Engine Oil Stop leak you can rest assured that you are getting a superior product guaranteed to outperform the competition.

  • Lucas Oil Parts and Accessories by 4WheelParts.com

    Fuel Additive Lucas Oil''s fuel additives are top of the heap when it comes to performance! Whether you are looking to boost your octane, clean your fuel system or keep fuel in a stored vehicle from going bad you can''t go wrong when you select the right Lucas Oil fuel additive product.

  • Lucas Oil Parts and Accessories by 4WheelParts.com

    Transmission Fluid Manufactured with the same exacting performance as their traditional oil products Luca Oil''s line of ATF transmission fluids and treatments are among the best hands down. Whether you are looking to prevent damage, fix existing problems or just maintain your automatic transmissions performance Lucas Oil has a transmission fluid to suit your needs.

  • Lucas Oil Parts and Accessories by 4WheelParts.com

    Brake Fluid Manufacturer of brake fluid for high performance vehicles.

  • Lucas Oil Parts and Accessories by 4WheelParts.com

    Power Steering Fluid Lucas Oil''''s power steering fluid products are designed to keep your power steering system running smoothly. Whether you have a leaky rack an pinion and need their Stop Leak or are looking to top off the system but want something that will help condition the system Lucas has the product you need.

  • Lucas Oil Parts and Accessories by 4WheelParts.com

    Coolant & Coolant Additives Lucas Super Coolant is scientifically formulated to provide the ultimate protection in automotive and racing cooling systems. It protects the entire system from rust, corrosion and electrolysis including aluminum and has been proven to reduce coolant temperatures up to 20°F. Our unique formula prevents deposits that can cause overheating. Lower cylinder head temperatures means advanced ignition time and more horsepower. One bottle treats 12-20 quarts of a 50/50 water antifreeze mix. Two bottles are required for straight water coolant. For passenger cars, light trucks and SUV’s use every 30,000 miles. For racing applications use every race as needed.

  • Lucas Oil Parts and Accessories by 4WheelParts.com

    Car Wax Lucas Oil Slick Mist is a polymer paint gloss intensifier, which can be used on other surfaces such as glass, chrome and vinyl decals.  Use Slick Mist as a traditional wax, quick detail spray or spray it on your vehicle between rinsing and drying for the easiest polish job ever.  That’s right!  Just spray it on a wet or dry surface and wipe it off.  Slick Mist out performs the competition and will leave your finish slicker and shinier than any product on the market, with long lasting protection. You and Slick Mist can give any machine an extreme gloss fast!

  • Lucas Oil Parts and Accessories by 4WheelParts.com

    Cleaner/Protectant Lucas Slick Mist Interior Detailer is an environmentally friendly detailer spray exclusivelly formulated by Lucas Oil Products designed to clean and protect like nothing you’ve ever used. Spray as needed onto interior surfaces such as plastic, vinyl, leather, rubber, and metal for a “like-new” look. Cleans and protects steering wheels, dashboards, seats, consoles, doors, and trim. Also works great on household furniture.

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