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American Racing Wheels

From one of the industry's premier manufacturers comes American Racing's extensive line of custom Jeep and truck wheels, built strong to take on the worst, and crafted with polish to look the best. Featuring some of the most distinctive styling available in steel and aluminum constructions, a set of American Racing wheels have all the extreme toughness you need, as well as the eye-popping sparkle that you want.

  • American Racing Steel Wheels

    The heavy duty construction and extreme toughness combined with better affordability make steel wheels an ideal for off-road enthusiasts, while also providing the eye-catching shine of their aluminum counterparts.

    Styles You 'll Love and Value You 'll Appreciate – American Racing Steel Wheels

    • The Power of Steel Though steel wheels are not as advanced as alloys, their heavy duty composition and toughness makes them ideal when regularly subjected to punishment from harsh terrains.
    • Value Why risk damaging a pristine set of street-oriented alloys when less expensive steel wheels offer the same performance and can be replaced at a fraction of the cost?
    • A Smart Choice Combining the style of more contemporary alloys with the hardcore toughness to handle off-road terrain, steel wheels are a practical choice that simply make sense for any off-road enthusiast.
  • American Racing Cast Wheels

    Through advanced technology, metallurgic artistry, and revolutionary low-pressure casting, American Racing Aluminum wheels are a reliable and durable option available in a number of unique styles.

    Built for Style and Speed – American Racing Aluminum Wheels

    • Built for Style and Speed – American Racing Aluminum Wheels Lightweight for Speed The low-pressure casting system used to construct cast wheels helps to ensure a sturdy yet lightweight product perfect for speed demons.
    • Advanced Composition The unusual aluminum composition of cast wheels is more porous than other compounds, allowing for superior heat dissipation during extensive braking.
    • Primed for Style Given the flexibility of the casting process, American Racing is afforded creative opportunities to form distinctive wheels in a variety of sleek designs that you 're sure to love.
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